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Professional Science Master

The professional science master program can provide you with the skills you need to successfully develop, apply and market science and technology in a business setting. The ultimate goal is your successful placement into a rewarding career in an evolving, high-tech job market.

Graduate Degrees

M Professional Science Master 

As an alternative to the traditional research-based M.S. or Ph.D. programs, the professional science master is for students interested in careers in science- and technology-based business. You may select an emphasis in biotechnology offered by the Department of Biological Sciences, an emphasis in bioinformatics offered by the Department of Biological Sciences in cooperation with the Department of Statistics and the Department of Computer Science and Engineering in the College of Engineering and Information Technology, an emphasis in environmental geosciences, or and emphasis in modeling for corporate applications.

This degree involves case studies and problem-solving, group projects and internships with industry. You also benefit from the collaboration of the Darla Moore School of Business, the School of Law and the College Information and Communications. The professional skills component of the program enhances your scientific training with the practical skills needed to apply technical proficiency to problem solving in a business setting.


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