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Medical Scientist Training Program: Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, M.D. & Ph.D

School of Medicine Columbia

Choose a dual degree course of study to earn your M.D. while also earning a Ph.D. through the Biomedical Sciences program.

Offered through the School of Medicine Columbia, the program will give you a deeper understanding of medical research and how it applies to patient care. When you've completed the program, you'll be able to practice medicine and conduct high-impact research.

Program Highlights

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    Ultrasound Technology

    Learn about ultrasound technology during the medical studies portion of the program.

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    Where You're Needed Most

    Study at one of the top medical schools in the country for producing graduates who practice in underserved areas.

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    Tier 1 Research University

    Get a degree from a leading university with the top-tier research designation from the Carnegie Foundation.

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    Expert Faculty

    Work with faculty researchers who are studying a variety of disorders in order to improve patient care.

What You’ll Study

Over the course of seven years, you'll alternate between a focus on basic science courses and hands-on research in the M.D. program and exploring specific research interests in the Ph.D. program. You'll be able to streamline courses that overlap while developing the clinical and research skills you need to reach your professional goals.

Building Skills

Gain the professional and personal intelligence it takes to have a successful career.

  • Data Analysis

    Examining and interpreting information to uncover insights and inform decision making

    Treat Injuries

    Providing medical care to individuals who have been injured or harmed


    Introducing new ideas, methods or products to improve performance or achieve a specific goal

  • Medical Terminology

    Understanding and using specialized language and vocabulary in health care settings

    Project Management

    Organizing and overseeing tasks to achieve specific goals

    Scientific Writing

    Communicating scientific research and findings in a clear, accurate and compelling manner

Using your degree

Make your college experience the foundation for a successful future.

Potential Careers

  • Physician
  • Researcher
  • Advocate
  • Educator

Workplace Settings

  • Health Care
  • Government
  • Academia