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The bronze Richard T. Greener statue sits in front of the Thomas Cooper Library.


Across more than two centuries, we've not only grown into South Carolina's flagship university. We've become more than our founders ever imagined possible.


The University of South Carolina's journey to becoming an international leader in higher education is quite a story.

While any history cannot be praised in sum, what we have achieved is possible thanks to countless individuals, moments and accomplishments. Learn more about our past, present and future.

Explore South Carolina's Roots 

Presidential Commission on University History

In 2019, the university began an effort to examine and address historic context as well as to identify and include the contributions of marginalized and underrepresented people or groups whose voices have typically not been heard. Learn more about their objectives and progress.

Running fountains in the reflecting pool surrounded by brick pathways and benches with a canopy of trees and the USC smokestack in the background.

Understanding the university's broader story and sharing it with the world can be a painful reckoning. To those purposefully and inadvertently excluded over the years, however, it's a task long overdue. 

With the coming recommendations and actions of the Presidential Commission on University History and our efforts to give new voice to events and individuals essential to our past, we believe we will all be better for it.

Remembering the Days

Stroll down more than 200 years of memory lane with Remembering the Days, a University of South Carolina podcast. Join host Chris Horn for an exploration of the University of South Carolina from how we become known as the Gamecocks to the interesting world of 19th century campus pranks.

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Collaged images and newspaper clippings with topographic lines and the text A UofSC Podcast Remembering the Days

Just as our historic downtown campus is woven into the fabric of the Palmetto State, it's forever entwined with your time at South Carolina. And it's only getting better.

Learn about signature architecture styles visible around campus, the medley of green spaces and gardens that create our urban oasis, and historic and modern monuments that beautify campus and share meaningful experiences and stories that might otherwise be lost.

There are more than 7,000 trees across the campus, representing about 80 species. In just the oaks, we have live oak, laurel oak, willow oak, shumart oak, nuttall oak, overcup oak, Japanese blue oak, sawtooth oak, chestnut oak, white oak, southern red oak and black oak.

Tom Knowles, Director of Grounds Management
Students sitting on a bench under a sprawling oak tree.