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Philosophy, M.A. / Ph.D.

College of Arts and Sciences

Pursue advanced study in a variety of philosophical subdisciplines and engage in interdisciplinary research through our graduate program in philosophy.

As a graduate student, you will deepen your understanding of philosophy with intensive study of ethical theory, philosophy of language, history of philosophy, philosophy of science and more. You also have the option to research in other disciplines, including the social sciences, linguistics, physics, gender studies and religious studies, in an affordable and growing city.

Program Highlights

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    Career Options

    Unlock a career path that best suits you, as 72 percent of Ph.D. students have accepted long-term academic jobs or fellowships.

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    Academic Awards

    Our students have won prestigious awards like the Fullbright, DAAD scholarship and Bilinski dissertation fellowship.

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    Networking Opportunities

    Engage with leading scholars from around the globe through our regular conferences, colloquia and symposia.

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    Fully Funded Program

    Doctoral students receive full tuition remission and earn a stipend by working as teaching assistants and instructors.

What You’ll Study

Some of the most popular student experiences are our Colloquium series and Queen Street Symposium, where students can interact with visiting philosophers from around the globe. Our department is also affiliated with the Ann Johnson Institute for Science, Technology and Society, which builds diverse communities for philosophical studies.

Building Skills

Gain the professional and personal intelligence it takes to have a successful career.

  • Research

    Gathering and analyzing information to increase knowledge or solve problems


    Foster learning by conveying knowledge, skills and concepts to students


    Creating professional written content for inclusion in scholarly journal articles, books and reports

  • Attention to Detail

    Being meticulous and thorough in all aspects of a task or project


    Exchanging information and ideas through speaking, writing or other means of expression


    Introducing new ideas, methods or products to improve performance or achieve a specific goal

Using your degree

Make your college experience the foundation for a successful future.

Potential Careers

  • Consultant
  • Administrator
  • Writer
  • Teacher
  • Engineer
  • Artificial Intelligence Researcher

Workplace Settings

  • Education
  • Religious Institutions
  • Publishing
  • Medicine
  • Physics
  • Technology

USC philosophy was a perfect fit for me and I look back on my time there with a deep sense of gratitude. The department’s experienced faculty helped me to think beyond my narrow interests and engage topics in their full complexity.

Adam Omelianchuk
Portrait of Adam Omelianchuk