In the News

“Will your city get Shakespeare’s First Folio?”

UofSC Libraries to host --Washington Post

"20 under 40: Rising to the challenge"

UofSC alumni top Columbia's 20 under 40 list --The State

"'Love Your Selfie' promotes healthy body image"

(feat. Danielle Koonce, Student Health Services) --WLTX-TV

“’Serial’ truthers are now doxxing women”

Law professor talks sexism in 'Serial' theory blogging (feat. Colin Miller, law) --The Daily Beast

“Employers watch high court case on religious garb”

Law expert discusses high court case on religious discrimination (feat. Joseph Seiner, law) --Wall Street Journal

“Stories with two titles, or why people should maybe just make up their minds”

Professor discusses cyclical trend of dual titles for books, movies (feat. Paula Feldman, English) --LA Weekly

“Beer sales spike as food stamps hit”

Researchers look into trend of beer sales spiking in relation to food stamp distribution (feat. John Gordanier, Orgul Ozturk, business) --Wall Street Journal

“USC: Pilot program testing new pharmacist-physician business model shows promise”

(feat. Bob Davis, pharmacy) --Columbia Regional Business Report

“The outlaw gay art they tried to ban”

Professor discusses provocative exhibit she curates (feat. Jennifer Tyburczy, English) --Daily Beast

“Even during Civil War, high cuisine could be found in Columbia”

Professor discusses fine dining available in Columbia at beginning of Civil War era (feat. David Shields, English) --The State

“Fukushima anniversary: Three years after the disaster, Japanese still do not want nuclear power”

Expert discusses costs and benefits of nuclear energy in Japan (feat. Tim Mousseau, biology) --Huffington Post

“Universal Orlando blocking bottled water”

Universal’s new no water policy mirrors airline policy, professor says (feat. Scott Smith, HRSM) --Orlando Sentinel

“When driver error becomes programming error”

Professor discusses burden of liability for self-driving cars (feat. Bryant Walker Smith, law) --Inside Science

“Serial’s second act”

Professor who closely follows Serial says ineffective counsel claim rarely successful (feat. Colin Miller, law) --The Atlantic

“The world was watching”

Professor discusses effect of Civil War on world (feat. Don Doyle, history) --Wall Street Journal

“5 things McDonald’s new CEO must do”

Professor discusses need for happy employees to maintain public image (feat. Robin Dipietro, HRSM) --USA Today

“Moore School dean taking care of business”

(feat. Peter Brews, business) --SC ETV Radio

“Cinderella Project allows teens to arrive at prom in style no matter their budget”

UofSC students help high schoolers have memorable prom --Cola Daily

“Lakshmi: Why NASA’s latest mission matters to South Carolina”

Professor discusses importance of NASA mission to SC (feat. Venat Lakshmi, earth and ocean sciences) --The State

“The mental and physical toll of student loans”

Study finds that student loans have ill effects on young adults (feat. Katrina Walsemann, public health) --The Atlantic

“Black teens who commit a few crimes go to jail as often as white teens who commit dozens”

Crime down, but black teens still more likely to go to jail, study finds (feat. Tia Stevens Andersen, criminology) --The Washington Post

“How one young entrepreneur is revolutionizing the bow tie”

UofSC student ties own company into undergrad studies --Huffington Post

“A celebration of African American artists this week in Columbia”

Professor’s OperaTunity Foundation brings opera performances, education to state (feat. Janet Hopkins, music) --The State

“Get a sneak peek at choirs before they go on world tour”

UofSC Concert Choir, chorus to embark on world tour --The State

“The Fix’s 2015 list of best state political reporters”

Journalism alumni named as best state political reporters --Washington Post

“Didn’t make it to work because of the blizzard? Yes, you can be fired for that”

Expert: Few protections exist for employees in face of inclement weather (feat. Joseph Seiner, law) --Fortune

“USC helps researchers turn ideas into dollars”

(feat. Jochen Lauterbach, chemical engineering) --Columbia Regional Business Report

“The Supreme Court’s massive blind spot”

Professor discusses Supreme Court opinions on use of force (feat. Seth Stoughton, law) --Washington Post

“Bolton: Are residents about to see the Columbia, SC we’ve been waiting for?”

UofSC part of Columbia’s explosion of growth --The State

“The whole family of man”

Author’s book looks at international reactions to Civil War (feat. Don Doyle, history) --The Economist

“Rippen: Let’s improve the health of all South Carolinians”

New CEO of Health Sciences South Carolina plans to improve health of all residents --The State

“How cost of attendance may become a recruiting tool”

President discusses details in athletic scholarship expansion plans (feat. Harris Pastides) --USA Today

“Some books you may have missed in 2014”

UofSC historian’s book on Civil War noted among great nonfiction of past year (feat. Mark Smith, history) --Washington Post

“Making the most of your senior year in college”

Professor offers advice for college seniors (feat. Scott Gwara, English) --Huffington Post

“Four years after the meltdown, investigating Fukushima’s ecological toll”

Researcher examines ecological toll on area following radiation blast (feat. Tim Mousseau, biology) --Scientific American ($)

“Columbia technology accelerator readies another class for business boot camp”

UofSC/Columbia incubator bringing in next class of entrepreneurs --The State

“Grand Strand Medical Center to become teaching hospital this summer”

UofSC partners with Grand Strand Medical Center for residency program --WPDE-TV

“How young SC singers get a shot at The Met”

UofSC alumnae has chance to perform at Metropolitan Opera in NYC --The State

“Lexington visual effects firm honored by Oscars”

UofSC alumni get Oscar nod for visual effects work --The State

“Start here”

Law professor discusses constitutionality of education policies (feat. Derek Black, law) --Slate

“Is ‘Selma’s’ portrayal of LBJ historically accurate?”

Historian who transcribed LBJ tapes discusses accuracy of new movie (feat. Kent Germany, history) --CBS News

“Ed Madden named city poet laureate”

UofSC professor named City of Columbia poet laureate (feat. Ed Madden, women and gender studies) --Free Times

“‘You are getting sleepy’ – Using hypnosis to quit smoking”

Using hypnosis to help smokers quit worth trying, professor says (feat. Scott Strayer, medicine) --Greenville Online

“’Meet’ the historic figures who are live-tweeting the Burning of Columbia”

UofSC class collaborates to bring history to Twitter (feat. Tom Brown, history) --The State

“Charleston area home sales climbed 8.8% in 2014”

Boost in employment rates helps home sales, professor says (feat. Joey von Nessen, economics) --The Post and Courier

“As feared, it’s a season of high flu intensity”

Doctors lament unusually bad flu season in Columbia, SC (feat. Dr. Helmut Albrecht and Dr. Anna-Kathryn Rye, medicine) --New York Times

“Salary ceiling for women only?”

Professor discusses salary gaps for coaches in women’s sports (feat. Mark Nagel, HRSM) --Inside Higher Ed

“Time-shares becoming bigger part of Disney’s lodging portfolio”

Disney finds moneymaker in time-shares, professor says (feat. Scott Smith, tourism) --Orlando Sentinel

“Historian releases fuller version of Nat Fuller biography”

Historian creates first complete biography of Nat Fuller, freed slave turned entrepreneur (feat. David Shields, English) --Post and Courier

“2014 economic year in review”

Top economists look at biggest economic impact stories from past year (feat. Doug Woodward, economics) --Carolina Business Review

“USC researchers aim to make Five Points safer”

(feat. Leslie Wiser, criminology) --The State

“It’s a Dawn of a new era at South Carolina”

Women’s basketball coach transforming team (feat. Dawn Staley, athletics) --Philadelphia Inquirer

“Dual roles for colleges”

President Pastides responds to column on higher ed challenges --New York Times

“S.C. cited among top five in fuel cell R&D”

UofSC’s SmartState program ranked #1 in funding --Columbia Regional Business Report

“Suspended for blogging”

Blogger, professor weighs in on suspended Marquette University faculty member controversy (feat. Justin Weinberg, philosophy) --Inside Higher Ed

“Bush speaks in South Carolina, dropping 2016 hints”

Jeb Bush 4th family member to be honored in UofSC commencement ceremonies --Washington Post

“What ever happened to Camp Asylum?”

UofSC archaeologists still analyzing Camp Asylum artifacts after dig conclusion (feat. Chester DePratter, archaeology) --The State

“Congress finally acts to prevent police killings, but will it make a difference?”

Lack of data on police killings embarrassing, expert says (feat. Geoffrey Alpert, criminology) --Huffington Post

“South Carolina’s steady economic growth to continue, USC economists predict”

(feat. Doug Woodward, Joey von Nessen, economics) --Columbia Regional Business Report

“USC professors: Growth continues for SC”

(feat. Joey von Nessen, Doug Woodward, economics) --Washington Times

"Shooting to kill: Why police are trained to fire fatal shots"

(feat. Geoff Alpert, criminology) --Cleveland Plain Dealer

“The sound and smell of war”

Historian ignites the senses in book on wartime scents (feat. Mark Smith, history) --Wall Street Journal

“Bloomberg Law: Civil rights and single-sex education”

Law professor discusses constitutionality of single-sex education (feat. Derek Black, law) --Bloomberg

“Columbia artist getting a boost with art gallery’s prize”

UofSC professor, artist takes top prize at local gallery (feat. Shannon Rae Lindsey, art) --The State

“Jasper Magazine announces 2014 Artist of the Year”

Art professor awarded Artist of the Year by local publication (feat. Kathleen Robbins, art) --Free Times

“Factcheck: Grim statistics on race and police killings”

Police shooting database needed, professor says (feat. Geoffrey Alpert, criminology) --CNN

“Uncontrolled diabetes tied to poorer brain power”

Researcher finds study on blood sugar and brain health compelling (feat. Lawrence Reagan, medicine) --Reuters

“What lies beneath Cayce: History in their own front yard”

UofSC archaeologist digging for remnants of lost history in Cayce (feat. James Michie, archaeology) --The State

“Issues driven dance at Drayton Hall”

UofSC dancers provoke serious thought in civil rights through performance (feat. Cynthia Flach, dance) --Free Times

“Columbia, SC 63 shares stories of the Civil Rights Movement”

Students hear stories from those involved in Civil Rights movement (feat. Bobby Donaldson, history) --Columbia Star

“Chernobyl: the catastrophe that never ended”

(feat. Tim Mousseau, biology) --60 Minutes

“What did Gettysburg smell like?”

History comes alive through smell in professor’s book (feat. Mark Smith, history) --Slate

“Why the future of Major League Soccer is downtown”

Soccer fans mostly young urbanites, professor says (feat. Mark Nagel, hrsm) --The Atlantic

“South Caroliniana: Rare new species of plant discovered”

UofSC professor finds rarity in new plant species discovery (feat. John Nelson, biology) --Science 2.0

“Sorority honored by bone marrow registry group”

UofSC sorority helped add 2,500 names to bone marrow registry --WIS-TV

“Gov. Haley hopes India trip brings jobs, tourists to SC”

Governor touts UofSC achievements in economic development travels --The State