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College of PharmacyAt a Glance

The University of South Carolina College of Pharmacy is training the nation’s next generation of pharmacists and health scientists. In addition to providing an ACPE-accredited pharmacy education, our school is leading clinical, entrepreneurial and research efforts designed to boost South Carolina’s health outcomes and communities our graduates go on to serve.

Students are well-prepared for traditional and nontraditional pharmacy settings within one-of-a-kind centers, labs and experiences. Our faculty and staff are internationally renowned for clinical innovation, patient care and for empowering pharmacy students to transform health care globally.

Training Health Care Leaders

College of Pharmacy students are part of the state’s oldest and largest professional pharmacy school. Our alumni serve across the country in diverse and rewarding careers that range from patient care and academia to the pharmaceutical industry and research.

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South Carolina’s Best

Students can tap into local, national and international training opportunities in community, clinical and industry settings. When our high-quality education is combined with the school’s family atmosphere, strategic partnerships, preceptor network and vast professional development options, it’s no surprise 93% of students would choose South Carolina all over again. 

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Shaping the Health Care Landscape

The College of Pharmacy is home to a specialized learning center that unites the study and practice of pharmacy with emerging opportunities in entrepreneurship and innovation. The Kennedy Pharmacy Innovation Center provides unparalleled connections, collaborative initiatives, professional development opportunities, and much more.

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Latest News

Be in the know. Get the latest news, stories, highlights and more from the College of Pharmacy at the University of South Carolina. 

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Disease Fighters

Our faculty includes top researchers in areas such as cancer treatment, pharmaceutical chemistry, genomics, neuroscience and pharmacology. In centers such as the COBRE Center for Targeted Therapeutics, talented junior scientists are collaborating to develop new and more effective classes of drugs used to combat disease. 


Palmetto Poison Center

South Carolina citizens can contact the college’s free poison and toxicology information center day or night, 365 days a year. The center, which serves as a clinical rotation site for fourth-year pharmacy students, receives more than 33,000 calls for treatment information on exposures to poisonous, hazardous, or toxic materials each year. For every dollar invested in the Palmetto Poison Center, the state is spared more than $7 in unnecessary health care costs, including emergency room and physician visits, ambulance services and unnecessary medical treatments. 

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A Premier Pharmacy Education

With more than 150 years of training pharmacists and conducting groundbreaking research, our college is advancing pharmacy and expanding access to health care for underserved communities across South Carolina and beyond. 

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