Photo: College of Nursing at a Glance

College of Nursing at a Glance

Whether you are learning as an on-campus undergraduate nursing student or you are participating in our nationally-rated graduate online nursing program, we help you gain the practical skills you need for your nursing career while advancing our profession through an innovative blend of education, research and practice.

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  • Infographic: #9 nursing online graduate programs
  • Infographic: 1,130 Undergraduate Students, 375 Graduate Students
  • Infographic: Programs: 2 Bachelor's, 4 Master's, 2 Doctorates, 3 Certificates
  • Infographic: 96% NCLEX Pass Rate
  • Infographic: 50 Full-time Faculty, 70 Part-time Faculty
  • Infographic: 8% Male Students, 92% Female Students
  • Infographic: Degrees Awarded: 213 Bachelor's, 12 Master's, 1 Doctorates, 5 Certificates
  • Infographic: $2.5+ Million in Research Funding
  • Infographic: 9,300 Alumni

Statistics are from the most recent available academic year.