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The American Flag and the South Carolina State Flag hang off the side of the President's House surrounded by fall trees on the Historic Horseshoe.

State of the University

Many of the variables that have affected the University of South Carolina and higher education in the past year will continue to be issues to address moving forward. In this year's video update on the state of the university, hear from some of the many people who are working to move our university forward.

The near past has been unprecedented for our university, state and nation. While much is yet to be fully reconciled and change is still an everyday occurrence, countless members of our campus community are unwaveringly committed to our beloved university's ideals. Get their perspective on what they love about South Carolina, how we can work together to make our campus community more welcoming for all, and how our drive toward being a model university can strengthen our nation.

Our story is always larger than where we are at a moment in time. It's a path toward a stronger and more confident future, together.