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IT Onboarding

The CON IT staff interfaces with the operations team as well as other teams in the college before and during the onboarding process to make sure employee onboarding goes smoothly.  There will be a formal IT orientation scheduled as part of the onboarding process for each employee.  You may also view the orientation topics in our IT orientation slideshow.

We have also provided the following general topics to assist with the onboarding process.

Please make sure you are engaging in the HR New Employee Guide to Success for the overall onboarding process here at USC.

Employee Login Credentials 

Employee login credentials (Username) are provisioned during the HR hiring process and distributed electronically to the employee's email, during that same process.

New Hire 

Once you obtain your credentials, you have to claim your account.  

To login to USC resources like Office365, Outlook, Teams you will need to have Duo Multifactor Authentication Setup.  As cybersecurity tools become more sophisticated, hackers shift toward targeting users, not computers. If a hacker can discover an authorized user’s password, they’re far less likely to sound any alarms as they access the university’s data and resources.  Multifactor authentication (MFA), sometimes referred to as two-step or two-factor authentication, is an overly technical-sounding term for a very simple solution. Think of it as “password plus.” It operates on the assumption that just because someone knows your password, that doesn’t necessarily mean they are who they claim to be. It is an easy way to make sure that the only one using your credentials is you. It also helps prevent data breaches.

Reset Password, Preferred Email

To reset your password, update your preferred email and other account related processes,  please visit the following page for more information: 

Technology Provided

All Full-Time employees are provided with one desktop or laptop computer. A needs assessment may be done to determine which option is better suited for the employee. The College of Nursing will provide a standard model computer that we procure and support. In addition to the one workstation, each employee will receive one keyboard/mouse, one docking station (laptop only), one USB webcam, one soundbar speaker and one monitor (a second monitor may be requested). The standard model of desktop or laptop will have the best possible configuration that is geared towards normal business operational use. Each workstation (desktop or laptop) will have the latest supported version of Microsoft Windows or MacOS, as well as the following software/resource installed or accessible through the internet:

  • Office 365 (Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, Excel)
  • Microsoft OneDrive (5TB or storage for work related document storage and sharing) 
  • Microsoft Teams (Used for collaboration and virtual meetings)
  • Adobe Acrobat Professional
  • Shared Network Drive (K: Drive)
  • Cisco VPN Client (Connect to the USC Network from off-campus to have access to resources like the K: drive)
  • USC standard security software (Windows Defender, Spirion)
  • Network Printer (Each floor has a color and black and white option)

Specialized software packages may be requested, but not all requests will be granted.  Each request will be evaluated by the College of Nursing IT staff on a case-by-case basis. 

Part-time hires and student employees are given access to a shared computer with a standard configuration. In certain circumstances, where warranted and based on need, a part-time employee may be issued a computer for their dedicated use.

Access to hardware and software is tied to USC employment and will be terminated at the end of employment.

Classroom/conference Technology

The college of nursing has several different meeting spaces designed to support many different types of needs.  The majority of classroom or conference room spaces have a combination of in room computer, digital display/video projection, web-enabled ptz camera, microphone, document camera and availability to connect a personal laptop (byod).  Each employee who will be using our rooms should attend a conference/classroom training session.  These trainings can be scheduled during onboarding, or if you would like to redo a refresher of the training, submit a service request.

Internet Connectivity

University networks operate both wired and wireless systems. Wireless access is available in all buildings and many outdoor spaces on campus. Employees are asked to refrain from connecting to the uscguest sites network, which is limited in connectivity to certain university sites. Instead, please use eduroam, which is a faster, secure network

Log into Eduroam with your username followed by, and your network password.

Faculty Hires

Please find specific faculty IT related information at our Faculty Page.

Grant Research

Please find specific grant research IT related information at our Research Page.

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