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College of Nursing

    Undergraduate Student Research

    The College of Nursing offers a range of research opportunities for undergraduate students. We look forward to helping you find your research niche and expanding your nursing practice. 

    Find Your Passion 

    Research is all about asking questions and finding answers. The College of Nursing  works with undergraduate students  to pursue their own answers and make an impact in nursing research. 

    Work With a Mentor

    One of the benefits to research is building a strong relationship with your nursing faculty mentor

    Share Your Work

    Showcasing your research can help you build your resume, enhance your communication skills and give you special networking, travel and other exciting opportunities. The College of Nursing hosts an annual Research and Scholarship Day each spring  that highlights student researchers. 

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    Full Scope Research

    "I've gained an understanding for evidence-based research and the vital impact nurses can have on research. During my senior year, I've worked on a start to finish research development." - Brendan Kreag 

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    Making an Impact

    "The ACORN Center provided me with my first research experience and showed me how much of an impact I can make in the community. " - Natalie Trimble 


    Challenge the conventional. Create the exceptional. No Limits.