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College of Nursing


Current Funding


PI/Co-PI Grant Agency Amount
Abshire, Demetrius  Developing a Lifestyle Intervention to Reduce Body Weight for Obese African American Men Living in the Rural South NIH/NIMHD $739,328
Adams, Swann 
Friedman, Daniela (PI)
Strategies for Communicating the Environmental Risks of Cancer (SCERC)
NIH/NCI  $145,105

Andrews, Jeannette  Jonas Nurse Leaders Scholars Program Jonas Center for Nursing Excellence $20,000
Andrews, Jeannette
McKinney, Tena (Co-I)
Leveraging Mental Health Provider Access in Underserved Counties in South Carolina Blue Cross Blue Shield of South Carolina $931,445
Babatunde, Oluwole
Adams, Swann; Felder, Tisha (Mentors)
Identifying predictors of racial disparity in treatment and mortality among patients diagnosed with breast cancer in South Carolina and geospatial investigation of breast cancer navigation NIH/NCI $465,318
Baliko, Beverly
Reitmeier, Melissa (PI)
The Health Occupations Providing Excellence in SBIRTS (HOPES) SAMHSA $859,320
Bell, Nathaniel  Effect of the patient-centered medical home on geographic and racial disparities in health care access AHRQ $99,996

Bell, Nathaniel 
Eberth, Jan (PI) 

Rural Health Research Center Cooperative Agreement 2019-2020 - FORHP Project HRSA, FORHP $175,000
Burgess, Stephanie Choose Well Initiative Private Foundation Confidential
Dail, Robin
Tavakoli , Abbas (Co-I)
Central & peripheral body temperature in VLBW preterm infants during the neonatal period: Relationship to neonatal infection and necrotizing enterocolitis NIH/NINR $2,893,400
Dawson, Robin (PI)
Heiney, Sue (Mentor)
A Patient-Centered Asthma Management Communication Intervention for Rural Latino Children NIH/NHLBI  $722,424
Donevant, Sara Prescribing Providers' Perceptions of mHealth Features that Promote Positive Outcomes Sigma  $5,000
Felder, Tisha
Heiney, Sue (Mentor)
Improving adherence to adjuvant hormonal therapy among Disadvantaged Breast Cancer Survivors  NIH/NCI


Hein, Laura
Kitzie, Vanessa (PI)
Sexual and Identity Health Information Practices of Queer, Transgender, and Sexual MInority Women  Institute of Museum & Library Science $298,237
Heiney, Sue
Friedman, Daniela (PI); Adams, Swann (Co-I)
Faith, Activity, and Nutrition:  Dissemination in Underserved Communities - Multi-Level, Community-Clinical Cancer Prevention and Control Interventions   CDC $1,374,995

Heiney, Sue (Mentor)
Levkoff, Sue (PI)

South Carolina - Advancing Diversity in Aging Research (ADAR) Undergraduate Program National Institute on Aging (NIA)/NIH $1,757,914
Heiney, Sue  CML Adherence in Rural SC Patients Centers & Institutes for Rural and Primary Healthcare $68,779

Heiney, Sue  Adams, Swann
Freidman, Daniela (PI)

South Carolina Cancer Prevention and Control Research Network: Partner-Engaged and Evidence-Based Multilevel Implementation CDC/HHS $1,499,971
Jenerette, Coretta Class of 2018 Macy Faculty Scholar The Josiah Macy Foundation  $226,112
Jenerette, Coretta Nursing Workforce Diversity - University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill HRSA $70,642
McDonnell, Karen (PI)
Dievendorf, Amy  
Advancing Quality Lung Cancer Survivorship in South Carolina 2.0 Bristol Myers Squibb Foundation  $261,689
McDonnell, Karen  Dyad-based Multiple Behavior Intervention for Reducing Lung Cancer Symptoms ACS MRSG $727,000
Murillo, Crystal
Starnes-Ott, Kristen (Co-PIs)
Experilearn - A collaboration between academia and practice to improve the lives of the patients in this state Duke Endowment $739,856
Pinto, Bernardine
Mitchell, Sheryl (Co-I)
Peers Promoting Exercise Adoption and Maintenance among Cancer Survivors

NIH/NCI  $2,779,936
Pinto, Bernardine
Valle, Carmina (PI)
Subaward:  Promoting Physical Activity in Young Adult Cancer Survivors using mHealth and Adaptive Tailored Feedback Strategies NIH Subaward $17,237
Ribar, Alicia
Keisler, Brian (PI)
Model State-Supported AHEC Program - USC Subaward AHEC/MUSC $36,976
Ribar, Alicia (PI)
Starnes-Ott, Kristen: Mitchell, Sheryl
Developing an APRN/FQHC Practice Training Partnership HRSA $2,390,653
Starnes-Ott, Kristen
Baliko, Bev (PIs)
TeleMentalScale Blue Cross Blue Shield of SC $525,000
Starnes-Ott, Kristen USC CON Future of Nursing Scholars Proposal  Robert Wood Johnson Foundation $150,000
Starnes-Ott, Kristen Nurse Faculty Loan Program HRSA $171,411
Tavakoli, Abbas
Wooten, Nikki (PI)
Behavioral Health Care in Army Warrior Transition Units NIH $740,375

Tavakoli, Abbas,
Jackson, Benjamin (PI)

Teriparatide Stress FracTure Recovery fOr ReturNing to Duty (Teriparatide: STRONG) DOD $2,958,862

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