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All University of South Carolina system institutions will be closed through the end of the spring semester. Columbia campus virtual instruction will continue through the conclusion of final exams in May. Details can be found on the coronavirus landing page.

College of Nursing


Current Funding


PI/Co-PI Grant Agency Amount
Abshire, Demetrius  Developing a Lifestyle Intervention to Reduce Body Weight for Obese African American Men Living in the Rural South NIH/NIMHD $739,328
Adams, Swann 
Friedman, Daniela (PI)
Strategies for Communicating the Environmental Risks of Cancer (SCERC)
NIH/NCI  $145,105

Andrews, Jeannette  Jonas Nurse Leaders Scholars Program Jonas Center for Nursing Excellence $20,000
Andrews, Jeannette
McKinney, Tena (Co-I)
Leveraging Mental Health Provider Access in Underserved Counties in South Carolina Blue Cross Blue Shield of South Carolina $931,445
Babatunde, Oluwole
Adams, Swann; Felder, Tisha (Mentors)
Identifying predictors of racial disparity in treatment and mortality among patients diagnosed with breast cancer in South Carolina and geospatial investigation of breast cancer navigation NIH/NCI $465,318
Baliko, Beverly
Reitmeier, Melissa (PI)
The Health Occupations Providing Excellence in SBIRTS (HOPES) SAMHSA $859,320
Bell, Nathaniel  Effect of the patient-centered medical home on geographic and racial disparities in health care access AHRQ $99,996

Bell, Nathaniel 
Eberth, Jan (PI) 

Rural Health Research Center Cooperative Agreement 2019-2020 - FORHP Project HRSA, FORHP $175,000
Burgess, Stephanie Choose Well Initiative Private Foundation Confidential
Dail, Robin
Tavakoli , Abbas (Co-I)
Central & peripheral body temperature in VLBW preterm infants during the neonatal period: Relationship to neonatal infection and necrotizing enterocolitis NIH/NINR $2,893,400
Dawson, Robin (PI)
Heiney, Sue (Mentor)
A Patient-Centered Asthma Management Communication Intervention for Rural Latino Children NIH/NHLBI  $722,424
Donevant, Sara Prescribing Providers' Perceptions of mHealth Features that Promote Positive Outcomes Sigma  $5,000
Felder, Tisha
Heiney, Sue (Mentor)
Improving adherence to adjuvant hormonal therapy among Disadvantaged Breast Cancer Survivors  NIH/NCI


Hein, Laura
Kitzie, Vanessa (PI)
Sexual and Identity Health Information Practices of Queer, Transgender, and Sexual MInority Women  Institute of Museum & Library Science $298,237
Heiney, Sue
Friedman, Daniela (PI); Adams, Swann (Co-I)
Faith, Activity, and Nutrition:  Dissemination in Underserved Communities - Multi-Level, Community-Clinical Cancer Prevention and Control Interventions   CDC $1,374,995

Heiney, Sue (Mentor)
Levkoff, Sue (PI)

South Carolina - Advancing Diversity in Aging Research (ADAR) Undergraduate Program National Institute on Aging (NIA)/NIH $1,757,914
Heiney, Sue  CML Adherence in Rural SC Patients Centers & Institutes for Rural and Primary Healthcare $68,779

Heiney, Sue  Adams, Swann
Freidman, Daniela (PI)

South Carolina Cancer Prevention and Control Research Network: Partner-Engaged and Evidence-Based Multilevel Implementation CDC/HHS $1,499,971
Jenerette, Coretta Class of 2018 Macy Faculty Scholar The Josiah Macy Foundation  $226,112
Jenerette, Coretta Nursing Workforce Diversity - University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill HRSA $70,642
McDonnell, Karen (PI)
Dievendorf, Amy  
Advancing Quality Lung Cancer Survivorship in South Carolina 2.0 Bristol Myers Squibb Foundation  $261,689
McDonnell, Karen  Dyad-based Multiple Behavior Intervention for Reducing Lung Cancer Symptoms ACS MRSG $727,000
Murillo, Crystal
Starnes-Ott, Kristen (Co-PIs)
Experilearn - A collaboration between academia and practice to improve the lives of the patients in this state Duke Endowment $739,856
Pinto, Bernardine
Mitchell, Sheryl (Co-I)
Peers Promoting Exercise Adoption and Maintenance among Cancer Survivors

NIH/NCI  $2,779,936
Pinto, Bernardine
Valle, Carmina (PI)
Subaward:  Promoting Physical Activity in Young Adult Cancer Survivors using mHealth and Adaptive Tailored Feedback Strategies NIH Subaward $17,237
Ribar, Alicia
Keisler, Brian (PI)
Model State-Supported AHEC Program - USC Subaward AHEC/MUSC $36,976
Ribar, Alicia (PI)
Starnes-Ott, Kristen: Mitchell, Sheryl
Developing an APRN/FQHC Practice Training Partnership HRSA $2,390,653
Starnes-Ott, Kristen
Baliko, Bev (PIs)
TeleMentalScale Blue Cross Blue Shield of SC $525,000
Starnes-Ott, Kristen USC CON Future of Nursing Scholars Proposal  Robert Wood Johnson Foundation $150,000
Starnes-Ott, Kristen Nurse Faculty Loan Program HRSA $171,411
Tavakoli, Abbas
Wooten, Nikki (PI)
Behavioral Health Care in Army Warrior Transition Units NIH $740,375

Tavakoli, Abbas,
Jackson, Benjamin (PI)

Teriparatide Stress FracTure Recovery fOr ReturNing to Duty (Teriparatide: STRONG) DOD $2,958,862

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