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Department of Mathematics

Tutoring Center

Our Math Tutoring Center offers free help to all USC students. Talented graduate students are available to answer your questions. Stop by during the hours listed for a group tutoring session.

The Math Tutoring Center is staffed with graduate students who will answer questions about MATH 111, 115, 122, 141, 142, and 170. No appointment is necessary — just stop by during any of the hours listed below. These services are group tutoring sessions.

During normal semester operation, the Student Success Center satellite locations offer free math tutoring in the evenings. These services are drop-in group tutoring sessions.


The Student Success Center also offers online tutoring, and in addition, help for MATH 241 and 242.

We also maintain a list of private tutors for math and statistics.

Application form for course graders.

For further help with a variety of courses on campus, try one of the following:

For further questions about Math-specific tutoring, contact Dr. Geoffrey Dillon at or 803-777-3258.

Schedule of Tutors: Fall 2018
LeConte – room 105 (Greene & Pickens) [map]







Xiangcheng Zheng

Demmas Salim

Shuai Yuan


Shuai Yuan

Candice Bethea



Jeremiah Southwick

Jess Otis

Xiofei Yi

Trevor Olsen

Jacob Juillerat


Joe Foster

Duncan Wright

Hays Whitlatch

Duncan Wright


Greg Clark

Alexander Wiedemann

Inne Singgih

Hays Whitlatch

Alicia Lamarche

Shuang Liu

2:00pm- 3:00pm

Alexander Wiedemann

Inne Singgih

Zueping Zhao

Greg Clark

Tracy Huggins

3:00pm- 4:00pm

Josh Grice

Josh Thompson

Aditya Harish

Chris Edgar


Note: The Math Tutoring Center will be closed on the following dates: TBA