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Department of Mathematics


Select the version of the Mathematics Placement Test that you need to take. Please read these instructions carefully before proceeding.

Compatible Browser

We're transitioning to a new version of the test this summer. In the meantime, some browsers no longer accept the encryption ciphers the old test server offers. If you cannot access the test with your usual browser, try using Firefox 73. Detailed instructions are on our Compatible Web Browser page.



  1. When you click on the link for the version of the MPT you wish to take, you will be asked to enter your UofSC Network Username and Password. As soon as your identity has been verified, you will be taken to the exam. If you do not know your Network Username and/or Password, then please visit to find your username and to setup your password.
    NOTE: Be sure to use your Network Username (typically mostly letters and based on your name), not your UofSC ID (mostly numbers). If you have any issues with this step, please contact the UofSC IT Help Desk at (803) 777-1800.
  2. Calculators, or any other external aids, are NOT permitted.
  3. The specific questions on each individual test are chosen randomly from a test bank. All questions are multiple choice.
  4. Answer each question as it appears, and click the "Next" button to go to the next question. You may use the browser's "Back" button to navigate to previous questions.
  5. The amount of time remaining to complete the test is displayed along with each question. When you have finished the last question on the test, you will be given the option to review all your answers and to make desired changes.
  6. Press the "Submit" button only when you are completely finished with the test.
  7. After you have submitted your exam, your results will be displayed. You should save a copy of the results page (take a screenshot, take a picture of it, print it, ...). Be prepared to share this with your advisor in case there are any questions about your MPT score. The summary includes a link to an "Expanded Results" page that provides a question-by-question account of the problems you missed, together with links to the online college algebra text (WebAlg). You are encouraged to utilize these resources to refresh your understanding of these topics. This is particularly important if you plan to retake this version of the MPT (after waiting 7 days).
  8. MPT results are generally uploaded into your UofSC academic record the next business day after completing the MPT. If, after 2 or more business days, you do not see your score in your academic record, please contact us by e-mail at (Be sure to include your UofSC network username, the date you took the MPT, and the version of the MPT that you took in your message.)


Select Your Test

When you select your test below, you'll be asked to sign in with your UofSC network username (not your numeric UofSC ID) and password before proceeding to the test.

Note: The Safari browser has a bug that prevents portions of the test from being displayed.

If you get a "Your connection is not fully secure" message, you can click "Advanced" and then "Proceed" to access the test. (The test site uses an older version of TLS; we're in the process of moving the test to a new site with a newer version of TLS).

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