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Department of Mathematics

Career Advice for Math Majors

Here are some interesting links about careers of mathematics majors
    You can find here some recent applications of mathematics in concrete ways to everything from the design of fast sailboats to understanding the neuroscience of human brains to medical imaging to space travel.
  • What do mathematicians do?
    This link is to a page by the American Mathematical Society. It provides further links to information about people who majored in mathematics and what they have done.
  • AMS-MAA-SIAM Project on mathematical careers
    This webpage is a good place to start looking for information on careers that a mathematics major might pursue.
    This link gives another view of how mathematically sophisticated people have found ways to put their mathematical skill into play.
  • Mathematics Careers This webpage is sponsored by the Mathematical Association of America. It has information and further links about careers in mathematics. One link on that page is career profiles, which gives brief biographical sketches of people would majored in mathematics and subsequently pursued an extremely wide array of careers.
  • Should you prepare differently for a nonacademic career?
    Some advice from Fan Chung. Her career has led to great success in industry and in academia.

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