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Department of Mathematics

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2023 Workshop on Scientific Computing and Large Data

Organized by the Math Department and the College of Arts and Sciences at USC

Dates: December 16th - 22nd, 2023. 

Times: 9:00am - 5:00pm each day

Location: USC; Sumwalt College, room 219


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Invited Speakers

  • Stanley Osher, UCLA
    In-Context Operator Learning with Data Prompts for Differential Equation Problems
  • Lincoln Lu, USC
    Probabilistic Method for Complex Graph
  • Yifan Chen, NYU
    Design of gradient flows for sampling probability distributions 
  • Qi Feng, FSU
    Variational Ricci curvature Langevin dynamics: entropy dissipation and its inverse problem
  • Guosheng Fu, Notre Dame
    Finite elements meet optimal transport on a Schrodinger bridge
  • Shu Liu, UCLA
    A first-order computational algorithm for reaction-diffusion type equations via primal-dual hybrid gradient method
  • Yiwei Wang, UC Riverside
    Energetic variational discretizations of complex fluid models
  • Xianjin Yang, Caltech
    Inferring strategies and environments from observed populations for mean field games by Gaussian processes
  • Bohan Zhou, UCSB
    Efficient and Exact Multimarginal Optimal Transport with Pairwise Costs 
  • Mo Zhou, UCLA
    Advancing Stochastic Optimal Control: An Actor-Critic Framework
  • Jia-jie Zhu, WIAS Berlin
    Robust Learning under Distribution Shift: Kernel Methods and Gradient Flow Force-Balance
  • Yuan Gao, Purdue University
    Convex optimization for measures: Transition path and Mean field game for jump processes 
  • Xinzhe Zuo, UCLA
  • Haonan Zhang, USC
  • Siming He, USC
  • Jaiqi Leng, University of Maryland
  • Wuchen Li, USC
  • Hong Wang, USC




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