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Department of Mathematics

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Preparing Future Faculty with Distinction in Teaching (PfF Plus)

To qualify for PfF Plus certification, graduate students must complete a teaching portfolio consisting of the following criteria:

  1. PfF Basic Level Certification
  2. Materials as instructor of record for a course including:
    1. Written syllabus for course taught within the department
    2. Developed and implemented both summative and formative assessments
    3. Developed and implemented lesson plans
  3. Evaluations from students and faculty including:
    1. Teaching evaluations were at or above departmental standards for the course
    2. Summary of teaching evaluations including students’ and faculties’ teaching observation
  4. Peer observation and feedback including:
    1. Observation and review by another instructor
    2. Observation of another instructor and discussion with instructor
  5. Write a teaching philosophy including:
    1. Perspectives on and distinctions between teaching and learning
    2. Reflections on teaching experiences.
    3. Explanation of how those experiences influence your method(s) of teaching
  6. Attendance to at least two profession development sessions related to teaching above the PfF Basic Level Certification.