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Department of Mathematics

Math Placement

All students must meet the prerequisite for any collegiate math course that they take at USC. For some courses this prerequisite is met after taking one of the two versions of the Math Placement Test. These tests allow students to gauge how their math skills translate into each relevant course.

Which Test Should I Take?

  • The PreCalculus Placement Test covers pre-Calculus and Trigonometry. If your program requires only MATH 141, you need to take this test.
  • The Algebra Placement Test covers basic high school Algebra II. If your program requires only MATH 122, you need to take this test.
  • If your program allows you to choose between MATH 141 and MATH 122 and you are undecided, we recommend you take both versions.

The specific questions on each individual test are chosen randomly from a test bank.

At the completion of the test, you will be told your score, which is loaded into the student record maintained by the Office of the Registrar within two or three days. Students with no MPT score on file or who do not meet the prerequisites will not be able to register for 100-level Math courses.



If you have taken an AP Calculus or IB Mathematics (higher level) test and are waiting for the scores to come to USC to satisfy a prerequisite or if you are waiting for course credit from another College or University in order to satisfy a prerequisite, then complete our departmental form and take note of the agreement you are making there.