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Department of Mathematics

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The Department of Mathematics at the University of South Carolina has evolved into one of the premier centers in the Southeast for mathematics research and education.

Our master's and doctoral programs have been cited for excellence by the South Carolina Commission on Higher Education. With its internationally renowned faculty and modern in-house library and computing facilities, the department provides a stimulating and supportive environment for graduate studies.


Course of Study

A full range of graduate programs in pure and applied mathematics and mathematics education is available. We offer both the master of arts and the master of science in mathematics, as well as a master of mathematics, a master in teaching and a doctorate.

We offer a Ph.D. track in mathematics with concentration in applied and computational mathematics. Students enrolled in the program can concentrate on either Applied Math, or Computational Math, or interdisciplinary mathematics during the course of their studies.


Our Students

Some 40-50 graduate students are enrolled in the department's various degree programs; more than half are in the Ph.D. program. Most receive some form of financial assistance from the department. Our students come from all areas of the United States, and approximately one-half are international students.

The atmosphere in our department is very cooperative; students help one another, and so do faculty. We are an openminded, multicultural department.


Graduation and Beyond 

With two exceptions, in the past four years all graduate students who passed the comprehensive exam graduated in five years (and about one third of them in four). The expectation is that successful Ph.D. students graduate in four or five years. In rare cases (mostly for health or family reasons) we support students for a sixth year.

Our diverse programs provide the technical expertise and interdisciplinary skills required of the modern mathematician. We provide training for those who wish to pursue a career in teaching, those who plan mathematics-related careers in business, government, or industry, and those who wish to obtain the intensive training that will lead them to the frontiers of contemporary research in pure or applied mathematics



The doctoral program is best suited for students who wish to become researchers, teach on a college level, or work in a professional or industrial setting.


M.A. and M.S.

Our department offers both the master of science and the master of arts in mathematics.


M.M. and M.A.T.

Both of these master's programs focus on secondary and junior college education.