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Department of Mathematics

Graduate Alumni

Do you have information about our graduate alumni that you think we should share here?  Please contact the graduate chair or the graduate administrator.

 Doctoral Alumni

Name Year Dissertation Title Doctoral Advisor Where are they now?
McGaha, Ryan 2022 The Existence and Quantum Approximation of Optimal Pure State Ensembles Androulakis Systems Engineer
Meier, Andrew 2022
Anti-Ramsey Numbers of Spanning Substructures and a Note on the Brouwer Conjecture
Lu, L. Postdoctoral Teaching Position
Smith, Stephen 2022 Results on Select Combinatorial Problems with an Extremal Nature Czabarka & Szekely  
Thompson, Joshua 2022 Post Ramsey Numbers for Boolean Lattices Lu, L.  
Warnock, Cuyler 2022 Some Properties and Applications of Spaces of Modular Forms With ETA-Multiplier Boylan Assistant Professor
Foster, Joseph 2021 Polynomials, Primes and the PTE Problem Filaseta Clinical Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Juillerat, Jacob 2021 Exploratory Molten Flux Crystal Growth of Complex Uranium Oxides Filaseta Asst. Professor, University of North Carolina Pembrook
Vandebogert, Keller 2021 Trimming Complexes Kustin Postdoctoral Research Asst
Bethea, Candace 2020 An Equivariant Count of Nodal Orbits in an Invariant Pencil of Conics Kass Bain and Company
Grice, Joshua 2020 Finite Axiomatisability in Nilpotent Varieties McNulty Lecturer, Santa Clara University
Lamarche, Alicia 2020 Rationality Questions and the Derived Category Ballard NSF postdoc, University of Utah
Mehta, Harsh 2020 Counting Number Fields by Discriminant Thorne Data Scientist, Lowe's (Charlotte, NC)
Olsen, Trevor 2020 Distance-Related Graph Invariants in Triangulations and Quadrangulations of the Sphere Czabarka & Szekely
Received his PhD in computer Science, and now employed as Senior Data Scientist at Freddie Mac
Singgih, Inne 2020 Diameter of 3-Colorable Graphs and Some Remarks on the Midrange Crossing Constant Czabarka & Szekely Assistant Professor-Educator, University of Cincinnati
Southwick, Jeremiah 2020 Two Inquiries Related to the Digits of Prime Numbers Filaseta NSA
Vandermolen, Robert 2020 Windows and Generalized Drinfeld Kernels Ballard Assistant Professor, Saint Mary of-the-Woods College (IN)
Wang, Zhiyu 2020 Connections Between Extremal Combinatorics, Probabilistic Methods, Ricci Curvature of Graphs, and Linear Algebra Lu, L. Hale Postdoctoral Fellow, Georgia Tech
Yuan, Shuai 2020 An Ensemble-Based Projection Method and its Numerical Investigation Wang, Z. & Ju Instructor, Univ. of South Carolina
Zheng, Xiangcheng 2020 Variable-Order Fractional Partial Differential Equations: Analysis, Approximation and Inverse Problem Wang, H. Post Doc, Peking University
Alabbood, Mohammed 2019 Classification of non-singular cubic surfaces up to e-invariants Kass Tenure-track Assistant Professor, University of Basrah (Iraq)
Clark, Greg 2019 On the Characteristic Polynomial of a Hypergraph Cooper Research Fellow, Department of Marketing and Center for Corporate Reputation, Oxford University (UK)
Edgar, Chris 2019 On the Characteristic Polynomial of a Hypergraph Cooper Ally Financial (data scientist), Charlotte NC
Liu, Shuang 2019 Numerical methods for a class of reaction-diffusion equations with free boundaries Liu, X. Postdoc at Los Alamos National Laboratory/Postdoc at University of California at San Diego
Palmer, Erik 2019 A Non-linear Parallel Model for Reversible Polymer Solutions in Steady and Oscillatory Shear Flow Vasquez  
Reiswig, Josiah 2019 A Few Problems on the Steiner Distance and Crossing Number Graphs Czabarka & Szekely Tenure-Track Assistant Professor, Anderson University
Whitlatch, Hays 2019 Successful Pressing Sequences in Simple Pseudo-Graphs Cooper Assistant Professor, Gonzaga University
Wiedemann, Alex 2019 On the Generators of Quantum Dynamical Systems Androulakis Visiting Assistant Professor, Davidson College
Wright, Duncan 2019 Dynamical Entropy of Quantum Random Walks Androulakis Postdoc, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Zhang, Chenfei 2019  Unconditionally Energy Stable Linear Schemes for a Two-Phase Diffuse Interface Model with Peng-Robinson Equation of State Ju Instructor, Univ. of South Carolina
Ahmed, Sameed 2018 Theory, Computation, and Modeling of Cancerous Systems Liu, X. Postdoc at University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
Bai, Shuliang 2018 Turan Problems on Non-Uniform Hypergraphs and Spectral Theory on Uniform Hyperraphs and Tensors Lu, L. Tenure-track Professor at University of South East
Cochran, Garner 2018 Quick Trips: On the Oriented Diameter of Graphs Czabarka Assistant Professor, Berry College, GA
Farman, Blake 2018 Geometry of Derived Categories on Noncommutative Projective Schemes Ballard Postdoc at Lafayette College, PA
Hudson, Jaree 2018 Special Fiber Rings of Certain Height Four Gorenstein Ideals Kustin Adjunct Professor, Florida Atlantic University
Musulin, Rade 2018 Classical and Quantum Kac's Chaos Androulakis Instructor, Florida Atlantic University
Schnibben, Thomas 2018 Local Rings and Golod Homomorphisms Kustin Instructor, Francis Marion University
Sweeney, James 2018 States and the Numerical Range in Regular Algebra Schep Special Instructor in Mathematics, Coker College
Zhao, Xueping 2018 Thermodynamically Consistent Hydrodynamic Phase Field Models and Numerical Approximation for Multi-Component Compressible Viscous Fluid Mixtures Wang, Q. Assistant Professor, University of Nottingham, Ningbo China
Atkins, James 2017 On the Existence of Non-free Totally Reflexive Modules Vraciu Deloitte (risk management) (Charlotte, NC)
Brylev, Alex 2017 Unconditionally Energy Stable Numerical Schemes for Hydrodynamics Coupled Fluids Systems Yang Tcube solutions (insurance)
Dereventsov, Anton 2017 Convergence and Rate of Convergence of Approximate Greedy-Type Algorithms Temlyakov Postdoc at Oak Ridge National Lab
Harvey, Wilson 2017 Covering subsets of the integers and a result on digits of Fibonacci numbers Filaseta Assistant Professor, University of Louisiana at Monroe
Lewis, Tyler 2017 A Family of Simple Codimension Two Singularities with Infinite Cohen-McCauley Representation Type Kass Duck Creek Technologies (Columbia, SC)
Boehnlein, Ed 2016 On Crown-free Set Families, Diffusion State Difference, and Non-uniform Hypergraphs Lu, L.  
Short, Taylor 2016 Some Extremal and Structural Problems in Graph Theory Szekely Assistant Professor, Grand Valley State (MI)
Faulkner, Nathan 2015 Commutator studies in pursuit of finite basis results McNulty Upper School Math Teacher, Forsyth Country Day School
Jamil-Mohd, Norazaliza 2015 Mathematical Modeling and Simulation of Biofuel Production from Lignocellulosic Biomass Wang, Q. Senior Lecturer, Universiti Malaysia Pahang
Lane, Michael 2015 Avoiding Doubled Words in Strings of Symbols McNulty Assistant Professor, Allen University
Rorabaugh, Daniel 2015 Toward the Combinatorial Limit Theory of Free Words Cooper Postdoc, University of Tennessee
Sanders, Toby 2015 Image Processing and 3-D Reconstruction in Tomography Binev Senior R&D Engineer at Lickenbrook Technologies, INC, St. Louis, MO
Smith, Heather 2015 Trees, Partitions, and Other Combinatorial Structures Szekely Assistant Professor, Davidson College
Wang, Che 2015 Fast Methods for Variable-Coefficient Peridynamic and Non-local Diffusion Models Hong Wang Univest Securities, LLC, North Bergen, NJ
Zhao, Jia 2015 Modeling and Computations of Cellular Dynamics Using Complex-fluid Models Wang, Q. Associate Professor, Binghamton University
Ziemke, Matt 2015 Pettis Integration with Applications to Generators of Quantum Markov Semigroups Androulakis Assistant Teaching Professor of Mathematics, Drexel University
Dunn, Scott 2014 Explorations in Elementary and Analytic Number Theory Filaseta University of South Carolina, Columbia, Instructor
Johnston, Travis 2014 Turan problems on non-uniform hypergraphs Lu, L. Research Scientist, Oak Ridge National Lab
Oh, Richard 2014 Fake Real Quadratic Orders Thorne NSA
Brown, Kenneth 2013 Shimura images of a family of half integral weight modular forms Boylan Software Engineer at Carium, Portland, OR
Diefenthaler, Kamala 2013 Analysis and Processing of Irregularly Distributed Point Clouds Binev Self-Employed; math tutor (Columbia, SC)
Dove, Andrew 2013 Generalizations of Sperner's Thereom: packing posets, families forbidding posets, and supersaturation Griggs Director, Data Science, Inc., Austin, TX
Harrington, Joshua 2013 Selected Research in Covering Systems of the Integers and the Factorization of Polynomials Filaseta Assistant Professor, Cedar Crest College (OH)
Mohr, Austin 2013 Applications of the Lopsided Lovasz Local Lemma Regarding Hypergraphs Szekely Assistant Professor, Nebraska Wesleyan University
Barwick, Jonathan Brett 2012 A Computational Approach to the Quillen-Suslin Theorem, Buchsbaum-Eisenbud Matrices, and Genetic Hilbert-Burch Matrices Kustin Software Engineer at SIOS Technology Corp (Boiling Springs, SC)
Basu, Kandapriya 2012 Mathematical Modeling and Computational Studies for Cell Signaling Liu, X. Assistant Professor, Occidental College
Basu, Treena Sircar 2012 Fast Solution Methods for Fractional Diffusion Equations and Their Applications Wang, H. Assistant Professor, Occidental College
Chen, Chen 2012 Phase-Field Model for Heterogeneous Biofilm-Solvent Interaction and 3-D Numerical Simulation by GPUs Wang, Q. Quantitative Analyst, Citi Bank
Collins, David 2012 Deducing Vertex Weights from Empirical Occupation Times Cooper National Security Agency
Dutle, Aaron 2012 Spectra of Hypergraphs Cooper Formal Methods group at NASA Langley Research Center, Hampton, VA
Gross, Sam 2012 Irreducibility Criteria for Polynomials with Non-negative Integer Coefficients and the Prime Factorization of f(n) for f(x) in Z(x) Filaseta Senior Cryptographer, Noblis NSP Falls Church, VA
Hankins, Jeffrey 2012 The Uniform Box Product of Some Spaces with One Non-isolated Point Nyikos College Instruction Professional, Oak Ridge, TN
Johnson, Virginia 2012 Enumeration results on Leaf-labeled Trees Czabarka Associate Professor and Chair, Columbia College, Columbia SC
Peng, Xing 2012 Fractional chromatic numbers and spectra of graphs Lu, L. Professor, Anhui University
Vincent, Andrew 2012 Classifying Polynomials with Reducible Nonreciprocal Parts and the Factorization of Values of Polynomials Filaseta Computational Gear Geometer/Process Engineer, Forest City Gear, Rockford, IL (2015 - present)
Xiao, Xiao 2012 Covolume-Upwind Finite Volume Approximations for Linear Elliptic Partial Differential Equations Ju, L. Software Engineer, Quora, Inc (
Yu, Rui 2012 Fibonacci Sets in Discrepancy Theory and Numerical Integration Temlyakov Trading Model Validation Team Member, Wells Fargo
Gamel, Heather C. 2011 D-spaces and L-special Trees Nyikos Instructor and Undergraduate Program Coordinator, Nicholls State University, Louisiana
Gamel, Matthew C. 2011 On The Integrability of Derivatives of Holomorphic and M-Subharmonic Inner Functions in the Unit Ball of C _n Stoll Assistant Professor, Nicholls State University, Louisiana
Li, Wei-Tian 2011 External Problems on Families of Subsets with Forbidden Subposets Griggs Associate Professor, National Chung Hsing University
Liu, Entao 2011 Super greedy type algorithms and applications in compressed sensing Temlyakov Systems Engineer at Texas Instruments
Nelson, Jessica 2011 Greedy Algorithms and Incoherent Systems Temlyakov Visiting Associate Professor of Mathematics, Newberry College
Seeluangsawat, Paisa 2011 3-D Computational investigation of viscoelastic biofilms using GPUs Wang, Q. Software Engineer, Google
Webb, John J. 2011 Behavior of partition values modulo powers of primes Boylan Associate Professor, James Madison University
Yang, Mingrui 2011 Greedy Algorithms in Approximation Theory and Compressed Sensing Temlyakov Senior research associate, Dept. of Radiology, Case Western Reserve, Project Staff at Cleveland Clinic
Banerjee, Pradipto 2010 On a conjecture of pal turan and investigations into galois groups of generalized Laguerre polynomials Filaseta Indian Statistical Institute Stat-Math Unit 203 Barrackpore Trunk Road Kolkata 700108 India
Yang, Yiting 2010 Genome arrangement, Randic index, and routing number Szekely Faculty, Tongji University (Shanghai, China)
Zheltov, Pavel 2010 Additive Lebesgue-type inequalities for greedy approximation Temlyakov Senior Interface Engineer at Scaled Inference, Palo Alto, CA
Baczkowski, Daniel 2009 Diophantine equations involving factorials and lattice points close to smooth curves Filaseta NSA; Associate Professor, University of Findlay
Owens, Kathryn (Scott) 2009 On inherently nonfinitely based varieties McNulty Mathematics Instructor, Blinn College, TX; Instructor, College of Charleston
Savu, Daniel 2009 Sparse Approximation in Banach Spaces Temlyakov Post-Doc, IMI, USC; Instructor USC , Instructor at Auburn U.
Sircar, Sarthok 2009 Dynamics and rheology of biaxial liquid crystal polymers Wang, Qi Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology, Delhi (aka. IIIT-Delhi or IIIT-D), Assistant Professor
Tian, Li 2009 Error Estimates for Finite Element/ volume Approximations of dissipative partial differential equations on surfaces Ju, L. Chowla Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics, Penn State University, PA
Walters, Mark Thomas 2009 Interated point-line Configurations in Projective Planes Cooper Sr. Information Systems Engineer, Modeling &Analysis Department, The MITRE Corporation, McLean, VA
Jordan, Kelly 2008 The Necklace Poset is a Symmetric Chain Order Griggs NSA
Rusu, Anamaria (Labo) burg 2008 Determining starlike bodies by their curvature integrals Howard Actuary, SC Department of Insurance, Columbia, SC
Kozek, Mark Robert 2007 Applications of Covering Systems of Integers and Goldbach's Conjecture of Monic Polynomials Filaseta Associate Professor and Dept. Chair Mathematics Whittier College, CA
Li, Shuang 2007 Numerical Methods and Analyses for Fluid Flow in Fractured Porous Media Wang, Hong Director, Couterparty Credit Risk Analytics, Wells Fargo, Charlotte, NC
Owens, Luke Norman 2007 Multigrid meathods for two weakly over-penalized interior penalty methods Brenner Data Scientist at PokitDok
Sanacory, Frank 2007 The Richness of the Space of Operators on a Banach Space Androulakis Associate Professor,Math & CIS Department, SUNY College at Old Westbury
Beanland, Kevin James 2006 A Hereditarily Indecomposable Banach space and Embeddings of l° into the space of operators Androulakis Professor, Math Department, Washington & Lee University, VA
Finch, Carrie Elizabeth 2006 Irreducibility of naturally occurringoccurring sets and sequences of 0, 1-polynomials Filaseta Associate Professor, Math Department, Washington & Lee University, VA
Liu, Xiteng 2006 Space signal representation in redundant systems Temlyakov Founder of QualVisual Technology, Toronto, Canada
Wang, Kening 2006 Domain Decomposition Methods for Fourth Order Problems Brenner Associate Professor, Mathematics and Statistics, University of North Florida, FL
Ding, Yabin 2005 Multiscale ELLAM methods for transient advection-diffusion equations with highly oscillatory coefficients Wang, H. Asst. Director of Credit Risk Analytics at AIG
Jin, Xiaohua (Teresa) 2005 Real number graph labelings with distance conditions Griggs Asst. Prof. at Vorhees College, Denmark, SC
Wang, Hua 2005 Subtrees of trees, Wiener index and related problems Szekely Professor and Director of Graduate Studies, Georgia Southern University
Wu, Jianfeng 2005 Connecting relation algebras to forcing McNulty Zhengzhou University
Kidd, Travis Danemon 2004 On the Irreducibility of Laguerre Polynomials of \( L_m^(m) (x) \) Filaseta & Trifonov  
Park, Kyungwon 2004 Multivariate n-term rational approximation and Anisotropic Franklin bases on polygonal domains in iR^2 Petrushev Lecturer, Department of Mathematics Chung Ang University, Seoul, Korea
Ryan, Pamela Josette (Johnson) 2004 Hardy spaces in several complex variables are Banach algebras Stoll Professor, Lander University
Coco, Michael 2003  Structures in Banach Spaces: Biorthogonal Systems and Frames Girardi Professor and Associate Dean at University of Lynchburg
Zhao, Jie 2003 Multigrid Methods for Fourth Order Problems Brenner Director, Model Risk Management, Federal Home Loan Bank of Dallas, TX
Iwasa, Akira 2001 Metrizability of trees Nyikos Assoc. Professor, USC-Beaufort
Karaivanov, Borislav Ivanov 2001 Nonlinear Picewise Polynomial Approximation: Theory and Algorithms Petrushev Senior Software Engineer at Sigma Space Inc., Langham MD
Kumchev, Angel Vasilev 2001 Diophantine problems involving prime numbers Filaseta Professor, Towson University
Lane, Brendan Fletcher 2001 Multiresolution Analysis for the Registration of Images Sharpley Assistant Research Professor IMI, University of South Carolina
Liu, Jiangguo (James) 2001 Efficient Numerical Techniques for Advection Dominated Transport Equations Wang, Hong Professor, Colorado St. Univ.
Narayan, Tamara Ann (Burton) 2001 Dot Critical Graphs Sumner Writer, Rochester, NY
Adrianov, Alexander Vladimirovic 2000 Nonlinear Haar Approximation of Some Multivariate Classes of Function Temlyakov Colonial Life Insurance, Columbia, SC
HE, Qingmi 2000 A Theoretical Study of Three Dimensional Nonoverlapping Domain Decomposition Models Brenner IT Director at Tetra Tech, Inc., Los Angeles, CA
Mitra, David Sanjit 2000 Sequences That Are Unconditionally Basic in Both L1 and L2 Girardi Instructor of Mathematics, Newberry College
Presser, Kimberly Jo (Collins) 2000 An Analysis of the Maximal Growth of Hilbert Functions Miller Professor and Chair, Shippensburg University
Williams, Richard Lanier Jr. 2000 The irreducibility of a certain class of Laguerre polynomials Filaseta Executive Vice President; Chief Distribution Officer at Aflac
Mann, Shushang 1999 A Family of Eulerian-Lagrangian Localized Adjoint Methods for Two-Dimensional Transport Equations and Their Error Analyses Wang, Hong Associate Professor Dept of Mathematics & Computer Science Southwest Minnesota
Petrova, Guergana Petrova 1999 Transport Equations and Velocity Averages DeVore Professor, Texas A&M University
Popov, Bojan Dimitrov 1999 Linear Transport Equations DeVore Professor, Texas A&M University
Chen, Yu 1998 Global Differential Geometry of 1-Resolvable C° Curves in the Plane Kossowski  
Czabarka, Eva 1998 Shifting in Finite Vector Spaces Griggs Professor, Department of Mathematics, University of South Carolina
Gao, Zhenguang (Jeff) 1998 The Wavelet Transform and Data Compression Sharpley Professor and Chair, Framingham State College
Ho, Chih-Chang 1998 The Cycling of Partitions and Compositions Under Repeated Shifts Griggs Professor, Chinese Culture Univ., Taipei, Taiwan
Szekely, Zoltan 1998 Complexity of the Finite Algebra Membership Problem for Varieties McNulty Associate Professor, Gallaudet University; Associate Professor, University of Guam
Zsilinszky, Laszlo 1998 Topological Games and Hyperspace Topologies Nyikos Professor, UNC Pembroke
Al-Lawati Mohamed Abdulmajeed 1997 Algorithm Development and Numerical Analysis of Transport Equations Sharpley Professor, Sultan Qaboos Univ., Oman
Cornea, Emil Adrian 1997 Multiresolution Analysis of Nonlinear Phenomena Arising in Surface Modeling Jawerth Asst. Prof., Dept. of Psychiatry, UNC-Chapel Hill
Dubinin, Vladimir Vladimirovic 1997 Greedy Algorithms and Applications Temlyakov  
Nagy, Marton 1997 Expandably Finitely Based Algebras McNulty  
Pan, Chunliang 1997 Insertion Properties of Monotonically Defined Topological Spaces Nyikos Senior Software Engineer at Diebold, Matthews, NC
Sandberg, Peter Laverne 1997 Finding Independent Sets in Connected Graphs without Large Complete Subgraphs Griggs Associate Professor and Chair, Department of Science and Mathematics Judson University, IL
Szarvas, Tibor 1997 Uniform Lp(w)-Spaces Roberts Professor and Chair, LSU Shreveport
Chen, Anping 1996 Compactly Supported Bidimensional Biorthogonal Wavelet Bases with Globally Invariant by a _ Rotation Jawerth Professor, Southeast University, Nanjing, China
Lengvarszky, Zsolt 1996 Independent Subsets in Lattices McNulty Professor, Louisiana State University, Shreveport
Shao, Wei 1996 Image Processing and Neural Networks DeVore  
Solan, Ikhalfani Nkuumba George (Junior) 1996 Norms of Factors of Polynomials, an Extension of a Theorem of Wunggren, and the Distribution of K-Free Numbers Filaseta Associate Professor, South Carolina State University
Wang, Pinghua 1996 Wavelet Characterizations of Besov Spaces L^p (½)0<p²1 DeVore Assistant Professor Division of Science, Mathematics, and PE Georgia Highlands College
Zheng, Weimin 1996 Wavelets and Applications to Signal Processing and PDEs Jawerth  
Zhu, Chuanzhong 1996 Results on Intersecting Families of Subsets of a Finite Set Griggs Senior Software Development Engineering Medianet Digital, Seattle, WA
Adzievski, Kuzman 1995 Boundary Behavior of Pluri-Green Potentials in the Unit Ball of C^n Stoll Professor Department of Math & Computer Science South Carolina State University, SC
Allis, James Thomas Jr. 1995 The Quotient Space of Measurable Functions by the Closed Linear Span of the Rademacher Functions Roberts Associate Professor and Chair Department of Mathematics Elon University, NC
Beasley, Brian Douglas 1995 The Distribution of Powerfree Values of Irreducible Polynomials Filaseta Professor and Chair, Department of Mathematics, Presbyterian College, SC
Rzepecki, Leszek 1995 Boundary Behavior of Non-Isotropic Potentials in the Unit Ball of C^n Stoll Associate Professor, Division of Mathematics & Natural Sciences, Alice Lloyd College, KY
Sabac, Florin Mircea 1995 Nonlinear Hyperbolic Conservation Laws DeVore Assistant Professor, Accounting & Management Information Systems
Shavo, Kara Lee (Walcher) 1995 Matching Extension in Powers of Graph Sumner Associate Professor,Mathematics, Presbyterian College, SC
Yang, Zesheng 1995 Wavelets and Image Compression DeVore  
Dujmovic, Davorin 1994 Infinite Finitely Presentable Simple Groups: Membership Problem, Free Subgroups McNulty Professor, Suffolk Community College, NY
Mitrea, Marius Stan 1994 Clifford Algebras in Harmonic Analysis and Elliptic Boundary Value Problems on Nonsmooth Domains Jawerth Professor, Department of Mathematics, University of Missouri
Ouyang, Jianxin 1994 (0,1)-Matrices Without Any Half-Half All 1's Submatrix and Connectivity of k-Chromatic Graphs Griggs  
Piatkiewiczo, Leszek 1994 Paracompact Subspaces in Box Product Topology and the Equivalence of Some Consequences of the Proper Forcing Axiom Nyikos Associate Professor, Dept of Mathematics and Computer Science, University of North Carolina, Pembroke
von Rosenberg, Peter Charles 1994 Countable and Finite Migrant Covers Nyikos  
Wu, Qun 1994 p-Wavelets and Their Applications Jawerth  
Deng, Baiqiao 1993 Biorthogonal Wavelet Packets Jawerth Professor, Department of Mathematics, Columbus State University
Fadimba, Koffi Baana 1993 Regularization and Numerical Methods for Class of Porous Media Equations Sharpley Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematical Sciences, University of South Carolina - Aiken
Hsu, Yu-Ping 1993 The Uniform Kadec-Klee Property in the Unitary Matrix Spaces CE and the Lorentz Spaces Lw,1 Dilworth Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, National Taiwan Ocean University
Jonas, Theodore Kimball 1993 Graph Coloring Analogues with a Condition at Distance Two: L(2,1)-Labelings and List _-Labelings Griggs  Statistician, US Census Bureau
Lee, Mong-Shu 1993 Smoothness Spaces Via Wavelets on the Closed Interval [0,1] Jawerth Professor, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, National Taiwan Ocean University
Lin, Yan-Chyuan 1993 Planar Graphs with Few Vertices of Small Degree Griggs Institute for Secondary School Teachers, Taiwan
Sisson, Paul D. 1993 Compact Operators on Trivial Dual Spaces Roberts Professor of Mathematics, Dean of Graduate School, Provost and Vice-Chancellor, Louisiana State University, Shreveport, Louisiana
Bedir, Yousef Abdulrahman 1992 P-Minimal and P-Closed Spaces Stephenson Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics, Al-Quds University
Day, Colin Richard 1992 Spectral Mapping Theorems for Fractionally Integrated Semigroups Schep Professor and Chair, Allen University
Hsiao, Chia-Chang 1992 Rectangular Wavelets and Compression of Operators Jawerth Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics, National Central University, Chung-Li, TW
Kyriazis, George Christos 1992 Wavelet Decompositions and Spaces of Functions DeVore Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Cyprus
Yarnall, Kenneth Fletcher 1992 Sampling Theorems and Wavelet Bases Jawerth & Sharpley Associate Professor and Chair of Mathematical Sciences, Lebanon Valley College, PA
Chen, Hsinjung 1991 Compact Convex Sets and the Barycenter in L+0 Roberts  
Hong, Weihu 1991 Interpolation of Function Spaces Sharpley Assistant Professor, Clayton State University
Kammoun, Jamel Abdelhamid 1991 Products with a k-Metrizable Factor; MS: Normality in Product Spaces Nyikos Associate Professor of Mathematics, Chair, Department of Computer Science, Math, and Science, Marymount College
Li, Kuo-Ming 1991 L0-Type Spaces Roberts  
Liu, Der-Fen (Daphne) 1991 Graph Homomorphisms and the Channel Assignment Problem Griggs Professor, Department of Mathematics, California State, Los Angeles
Liu, Shih-Hua 1991 Boundary Limits of Generalized Green Potentials on the Unit Ball R^n Stoll  
Sun, Hsing-Win (Christine) 1991 Binomial Determinants with Applications Griggs Professor, Mt San Antonio College, Walnut, CA
Zhao, Shiying 1991 On the Boundary Behavior of Subharmonic Functions in Nontangential Accessible Domains Howard & Stoll Associate Professor and Graduate Director, Dept of Mathematics & Computer Science, University of Missouri
Beintema, Mark Bruce 1990 Gorenstein Algebras with Unimodel h-Sequences Miller College of Lake County
Ren, Guanshen 1990 Of Non-Archimedean Normed Spaces Nyikos Professor and Chair, Department of Mathematics, College of St. Scholastica
Slattery, Susan Mary (Palmer) 1990 A lgebra Structures on Resolutions of Rings Defined by Grade Four Almost Complete Intersections Kustin Associate Professor Department of Mathematics Alabama State University; Professor and Chair, Stevenson University
Still, Charles Herbert 1990 Parallel Methods for Unconstrained Optimization Johnson Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Livermore CA
Yeh, Kwan-Ching (Roger) 1990 Labeling Graphs with a Condition at Distance Two Griggs Professor, Department of Applied Mathematics, Feng Chia University, Taiwan
Erdelyi, Tamas 1989 Inequalities for Generalized Polynomials and Their Applications Nevai Professor Texas A&M University
Goold, Margaret (Linley) (Reese) 1989 An Example Related to the Atomic Space Problem Roberts Assistant Professor, Dept of Mathematics & Computer Science, Virginia Wesleyan College
Hu, Yingkang 1989 Geometric Modeling of Densely Distributed Data DeVore Professor, Department of Mathematical Sciences, Georgia Southern University, GA
Rowe, David Barry 1989 Compact Convex Sets in Lp(w), 0<p<1 Roberts Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics, Wingate University, NC
Wu, Mingshen 1989 Algorithms for Spanning Trees with Many Leaves and Edge Colorings of Multigraph Griggs Professor, Dept of Math & Computer Science, University of Wisconsin, Stout
Izmirli, Ilhan Ahmed 1988     Assistant Professor, Volgenau School of Information Technology and Engineering, George Mason University
Shijm, Yong-Sun 1988 Maximal Function Techniques of Elliptic Linear Partial Differential Equations Sharpley  
Lin, Chiang 1987 Dimension, Crossing Number, and Related Parameters for Finite Partially Ordered Sets Trotter Professor and Chair,  Department of Mathematics, National Central University, Taiwan
Sola, Mabruck Ali 1987 Roy's Space delta and Its N-Compactification; MS: The Stone-Cech Compactification of the Integers Nyikos  
Zhou, Bing 1986 Topics in Graph Theory Trotter Professor Department of Mathematics Trent University, Ontario, Canada
Koo, Reginald 1985 Sharp Inequalities for the Conjugate Function Bennett Associate Professor, Department of Mathematical Sciences, University of South Carolina, Aiken SC
Miller, Valerie A. 1985 Successive Overrelaxation Methods for Solving Large Scale Rank Deficient Least Squares Problems Neumann Associate Professor, Georgia State University
Wojcicka, Ewa 1985 Functions of Bounded Characteristic in Multiply Connected Domains Stoll College of Charleston, SC
Yan, Zheng 1985 Monotonicity Preserving Curve Fitting Algorithms DeVore Siemens, Munich, Germany
Blitch, Patricia (Meise) 1983 Domination in Graphs Sumner Professor, Department of Mathematics and Computing, Lander University
McNulty, Nieves Austria 1982 Quasi-Newton Methods Using LU-Updates Johnson Chair and Professor, Department of Mathematics, Columbia College SC
Monroe, Ted Richard 1982 Point Unstable and Almost Point Unstable Graphs Trotter Professor and Chair, Department of Mathematics, Wofford College SC
Hopkins, Laurie (Boyle) 1981 Some Problems Involving Combinatorial Structures Determined by Intersections of Intervals and Arcs Trotter Provost and Vice President, Academic Affairs Columbia College, SC
Lo, Sheng-Ping 1981 Graph Labeling and Optimization Problems; MS: Abstract Norms and Optimally Scaled Matrices Trotter  
Matthews, Manton McCutchen 1980 Properties of Claw Free Graphs; MS: Generalized Ramsey Numbers Sumner Professor Dept of Computer Science and Engineering Swearingen Engineering Center
Adair, Celia (Lane) 1979 Varieties of *-Orthodox Semigroups Scheiblich Professor Emeritus, Division of Math and Computer Science
Chang, Tze Re 1978 Invertible and Weakly Invertible Functions in Certain Spaces of Analytic Functions Stoll  
Daffer, Peter Zito 1978  Laws of Large Numbers for D[0,1] and Related Topics Taylor Louisiana Tech University
Frank, Douglas H. 1978  Brownian Motion on Binary Trees Durham  
Lee, Shu-Chen (Susan) 1978 Some Theorems on Stochastic Calculus Locke & Spurrier  
Lau, Cony Mung-Shek 1977 Triangular Factorizations of a Matrix Markham  
Lee, Cherng-Huir (Arthur) 1977 Estimating Linear Statistical Models Padgett  
Pearce, Lynn (Hauser) 1977 Random Walks on Graphs Durham & Sumner  
Wei, Duan Dinin 1977 Convergence on Weighted sums of Random Elements and Statistical Applications Taylor  
Riddle, Emma Jane (Parrish) 1976 The Drazin Pseudoinverse: Existence, Properties, and Computation Markham Associate Professor, Department of Management, Winthrop University
Feigenbaum, Ruth (Schulmann) 1975 Kernels of Regular Semigroup Homomorphisms Scheiblich  
Geoffroy, Dennis P. 1975 Neighborhood Relations in Finite Graphs Sumner  
Hung, Ching-Hsiang 1975 The Moore-Penrose Invers of a Partitioned Matrix M with Applications Markham  
Kuo, I-Wen 1975 On Singular M-Matrices Markham  
Moore, John Isham Jr. 1975 Rings of Quotients Trotter  
Crabtree, Leslie Harrison 1974 On Dual Spaces of Groups and Transformation Groups J. Yang  
Knox, Nathaniel 1974 On the Inverse Semigroup CoProduct of an Arbitrary Non-Empty Collection of Groups Scheiblich Assistant Vice President of Academic Affairs, Morgan State University
Chen, Yen-Shon 1973 Torsion Theory and Relative Homological Algebra Sperry  
Jordan, Don M. 1973 Completely Positive Matrices Markham Professor, Center for Science Education, USC Columbia
Bode, Joseph Malterer John 1972 t-Functions and Fully Invariant Subgroups Sperry  
Cantor, Alan Bernard 1972 Minimal Proper Elementary Extensions of N with Respect to Definable Relations Phillips  
Chapman, Robert Marsden 1972 Filtered Products of Abelian Groups Sperry  
Faires, Barbara Sue (Trader) 1972 Tonneau Covers Sperry Professor, Dept of Mathematics and Computer Science, Westminster College, PA; Secretary of Math. Assn. of America
Cicero, Joseph Edward 1971 Pseudo Boolean Valued Rings: Algebraic and Geometric Theory Melton  
Zahn, George David 1971 On the Additive Structure of Non-Standard Models of Arithmetic Phillips  
Faires, John Douglas 1970 Comparison of the States of a Pair of Closed Linear Transformations Birnbaum Professor, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Youngstown State University. President, Pi Mu Epsilon (1982)
Hsieh, Chih-Hsiung (Simon) 1970 Contributions to Theories of Semi-Lattices Scheiblich  
Hinkel, John Stanley 1968 Linear Topological Spaces Matthies  
Kim, Joong Ho 1968 On Complete Local Rings Enochs  
Smith, James Reaves 1968 Local Domains with Topologically T-Nilpotent Radical Enochs  
Stone, David Ross 1968 Torsion-Free and Divisible Molecules over Matrix Rings Enochs Professor, Department of Mathematical Sciences, Georgia Southern University
Bland, Paul Edwin 1967 On Rational and Quasi-Rational Extensions of Modules Caldwell Professor, Department of Mathematics & Statistics, Eastern Kentucky University
Brieske, Thomas John 1967 Development and Evaluation of a Union on Continuity and Limits of Certain Functions Bowles Part-Time Instructor, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Georgia
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