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Department of Mathematics

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Colloquia and Seminars

Explore our exciting world of mathematical exploration and discovery through our colloquia and seminars, where you can engage with experts, share ideas, and celebrate the beauty of mathematics.


A mathematics colloquium is a dynamic gathering where experts in various mathematical disciplines present their latest research and findings. These events offer a unique opportunity to delve into cutting-edge mathematical concepts, explore innovative problem-solving approaches, and gain insights into the forefront of mathematical knowledge. Expect engaging presentations, lively discussions, and a chance to connect with fellow math enthusiasts, all in an environment that encourages intellectual curiosity and fosters collaboration.


A mathematics seminar is an intimate and interactive forum for in-depth exploration of specific mathematical topics. In these sessions, participants, including experts and enthusiasts alike, engage in detailed discussions, problem-solving, and the exchange of ideas related to a particular area of mathematics. Seminars often provide a platform for presenting and analyzing ongoing research projects, allowing attendees to gain profound insights and contribute to the advancement of mathematical knowledge.

We have seminars in many disciplines. Select the discipline you are interested in to view its seminar schedule.




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