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Department of Mathematics

For the Community

The USC Department of Mathematics should be a resource for our own students and faculty as well as other members of the USC community and people in the community who care about math.

Annual High School Math Contest

We host a mathematics competition for South Carolina high school students. Our goal is to stimulate interest in mathematics among high school students and to recognize those who exhibit exceptional talent.


South Carolina High Energy Mathematics Teachers' Circle

USC partners with the South Carolina High Energy Mathematics Teachers' Circle, a community of middle school mathematics teachers, teacher educators and mathematicians bound together by a common enthusiasm for mathematics and for solving mathematical problems based in the South Carolina Midlands.

Most of our sessions are focused on specific, yet open-ended, mathematical problems. We collaborate in small groups with other members of our Circle to invent solutions and share ideas. All for one and one for all!

Our highly interactive sessions, led by teams mathematicians and teachers, enhance our understanding of mathematics and build our skills at solving mathematical problems. By growing our understanding and mathematical confidence we become better able to bring to all our classrooms enthusiasm for mathematics and creative, collaborative methods to solve problems.