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Department of Mathematics


Faculty/Staff Name Title Secondary Title Phone Email Keywords Department
Faculty Al-Hasan, Abdelnaser Instructional Faculty Mathematics
Staff Anastasiadis, Theodoros Graduate Student Mathematics
Faculty Androulakis, George Professor 803-777-7539 Mathematics
Faculty Atim, Alexandru Part-Time Instructor 803-777-3254 Mathematics
Faculty Ballard, Matthew Professor 803-777-7529 Mathematics
Faculty Barnette, Brandy Instructor math, mathematics, faculty Mathematics
Staff Baronenas, Zygimantas Graduate Student Mathematics
Faculty Bennett, Colin Distinguished Emeritus Professor Mathematics
Staff Bhaduri, Anirban Graduate Student Tutor Mathematics
Faculty Binev, Peter Professor 803-576-6269 Mathematics
Staff Black, McKenzie Graduate Student Mathematics
Staff Booth, Matthew Graduate Student Tutor 803-777-7425 Mathematics
Faculty Boylan, Matthew Professor Assistant Chair 803-777-7542 Mathematics
Staff Brooks, George Graduate Student Mathematics
Staff Budhiti, Aparajita Graduate Student Mathematics
Faculty Byers, Brandi Instructional Faculty Mathematics
Faculty Caballero, John Instructional Faculty Mathematics
Staff Casey, Rory Graduate Student Mathematics
Staff Chebotaeva, Victoria Graduate Student Mathematics
Staff Clark-Spohn, Julia Graduate Program Administrator 803-777-4224 Mathematics
Faculty Cooper, Joshua Professor 803-777-7514 Mathematics
Faculty Crooks-Monastra, Jen Part-Time Instructor 803-777-9918 Mathematics
Faculty Czabarka, Eva Professor 803-777-7524 Mathematics
Faculty Dahmen, Wolfgang SmartState Chair, Williams Hedberg Chair Emeritus 803-576-5630 Mathematics
Faculty Daichendt, Horst Instructional Faculty Mathematics
Staff Dalton, Jack Graduate Student Number Theory, Lattice Points Mathematics
Faculty DeVore, Ronald Sumwalt Distinguished Emeritus Professor Mathematics
Faculty Derochers, Steven Instructor mathematics, math, instructor Mathematics
Faculty Dillon, Geoffrey Instructor Mathematics
Faculty Dilworth, Stephen Distinguished Professor Emeritus Mathematics
Staff Doberstein, Christian Postdoctoral Researcher Chemical Engineering, College of Engineering and Computing DASIV SmartState Center of the Department of Mathematics
Faculty Duncan, Alexander Associate Professor 803-777-7508 Mathematics
Faculty Dunn, Scott Senior Instructor Mathematics
Staff Dutta, Uttaran Graduate Student Tutor Mathematics
Staff ElSheikh, Mohamed Wafik Mahmoud Hassan Graduate Student Tutor Mathematics
Staff Fickes, Grant Graduate Student Mathematics
Faculty Filaseta, Michael Carolina Trustee Professor Emeritus Mathematics
Staff Fleming, Chase Graduate Student Mathematics
Faculty Geddings, Debra Clinical Professor Emerita Mathematics
Staff Geng, Yuwei Graduate Student Mathematics
Faculty Girardi, Maria Professor 803-777-7487 Mathematics
Faculty Griggs, Jerrold Carolina Distinguished Emeritus Professor Mathematics
Staff Groth, Scotty Graduate Student Tutor Mathematics
Staff Hamori, Thomas Graduate Student Mathematics
Staff Hasan, Mohammad Mahmud Graduate Student Mathematics
Staff Hasanov, Nizam Graduate Student Mathematics
Faculty He, Siming Assistant Professor Mathematics
Staff Heath, Bailey Graduate Student Mathematics
Staff Helm, Alec Graduate Student Mathematics
Staff Hensley, Vonda Administrative Assistant to Chair 803‑777‑4225 Mathematics
Faculty Hipp, LaRita Instructor Mathematics
Faculty Howard, Ralph Professor 803-777-7471 Mathematics
Staff Huggins, Tracy Graduate Student Tutor Mathematics
Staff Iyer, Aditya Graduate Student Mathematics
Faculty James, Joanne Business Manager 803-777-0258 Mathematics
Staff John, Tiju Cherian Postdoctoral Researcher Mathematics
Faculty Ju, Lili Professor 803-576-5797 Mathematics
Staff Kalogirou, Alexander Graduate Student Tutor Mathematics
Staff Kanyi, Ebrima Graduate Student Mathematics
Staff Kim, SeHwan Graduate Student Tutor Mathematics
Faculty Kustin, Andrew Professor 803-777-7446 Mathematics
Faculty Kustin, Kathy Part-Time Instructor Mathematics
Staff Lank, Patrick Graduate Student Mathematics
Staff Li, Chunyan Graduate Student Mathematics
Faculty Li, Wuchen Assistant Professor 803-777-8034 Mathematics
Staff Li, Yiqun Graduate Student Mathematics
Staff Li, Yupei Graduate Student Mathematics
Staff Linz, William NSF RTG Postdoctoral Researcher Mathematics
Staff Liu, Junsheng Graduate Student Mathematics
Faculty Liu, Xinfeng Professor 803-576-5849 Mathematics
Faculty Lu, Linyuan Department Chair Professor 803-777-4154 Mathematics
Staff Luckner, Thomas Graduate Student Mathematics
Faculty Luo, Ruth Assistant Professor Mathematics
Faculty McGuffey, William Instructor Mathematics
Faculty McKay, Megan Instructor Mathematics
Faculty McNulty, George Professor 803-777-7469 Mathematics
Faculty Meade, Douglas Associate Professor 803-777-6183 Mathematics
Staff Medved, Andrei Graduate Student Mathematics
Faculty Miller, Matthew Professor 803-777-7455 Mathematics
Faculty Moss, DeeAnn Undergraduate Program Administrator 803-777-5313 Mathematics
Faculty Nyikos, Peter Professor 803-777-5134 Mathematics
Staff Okur, Utku Graduate Student Mathematics
Faculty Petrushev, Pencho Distinguished Professor Emeritus Mathematics
Faculty Pirhadi, Ali Instructor Mathematics
Faculty Portwood, Chris Instructor Mathematics
Staff Rashid, Sabrina Graduate Student Tutor Mathematics
Staff Reyes, Ethan Graduate Student Mathematics
Staff Salim, Demmas Graduate Student Tutor Mathematics
Faculty Sanders, Ronda Senior Instructor 803-777-7449 Mathematics
Staff Savu, Daniel Instructor Mathematics
Faculty Schep, Anton R. Distinguished Professor Emeritus Mathematics
Staff Sharma, Shreya Graduate Student Mathematics
Faculty Sharpley, Robert Distinguished Emeritus Professor Mathematics
Staff Singh, Pankaj Graduate Student Mathematics
Staff Smith, Jonathan Graduate Student Mathematics
Staff Staton, Gabe Graduate Student Mathematics
Faculty Stephenson, Bob Distinguished Emeritus Professor Mathematics
Faculty Stoll, Manfred Distinguished Emeritus Professor Mathematics
Faculty Sumner, David Distinguished Emeritus Professor Mathematics
Faculty Sun, Yi Professor 803-777-7636 Mathematics
Staff Swati, ​ Graduate Student Mathematics
Staff Swygert, Konrad Graduate Student Mathematics
Faculty Szekely, Laszlo Professor 803-777-6262 Mathematics
Staff Tamang, Nutthavut Graduate Student Mathematics
Faculty Tan, Changhui Associate Professor 803-576-5789 IMI, DASIV, Mathematics, Math Mathematics
Staff Tauscheck, Gabrielle Graduate Student Mathematics
Faculty Temlyakov, Vladimir Distinguished Professor Emeritus 803-777-6456 Mathematics
Staff Teng, Yuankai Graduate Student Mathematics
Faculty Thorne, Frank Professor 803-777-7527 Mathematics
Faculty Trifonov, Ognian Associate Professor 803-777-3882 Mathematics
Faculty Tsai, Wei-Lun Assistant Professor Mathematics
Faculty Varma, Gayathri Instructional Faculty Mathematics
Faculty Vasquez, Paula Associate Professor 803-777-2632 Mathematics
Staff Vasudevan, Anusooya Graduate Student Mathematics
Faculty Vraciu, Adela Professor Mathematics
Faculty Wang, Hong Professor 803-777-4321 Mathematics
Faculty Wang, Qi Professor 803-777-6268 Mathematics
Faculty Wang, Zhu Professor 803-576-5985 Mathematics
Staff Wei, Xinhang Graduate Student Mathematics
Faculty Wu, Xian Professor Emeritus Mathematics
Staff Xu, Zhaoqing Graduate Student Mathematics
Faculty Yang, Xiaofeng Professor 803-777-3776 Mathematics
Faculty Yankovsky, Elena Part-Time Instructor Mathematics
Faculty Yee, Sean Associate Professor 803-777-6884 Mathematics
Faculty Zhang, Haonan Assistant Professor Mathematics

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