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Department of Mathematics

Private Tutor List

Private Math and Statistics Tutors at the University of South Carolina*
(last updated September 24th, 2018)
Will tutor... Name Phone Email
Math Beardsley, Thomas (803) 319-3468
Math Edgar, Chris (803) 761-2190
Math Grice, Josh (804) 617-8968
Math Harish, Aditya (312) 804-9490
Math Lane, Michael (321) 430-5263
Math Lamarche, Alicia (240) 313-0773
Math, Computer Science Levet, Michael (804) 432-5934
Math Mehta, Harsh (908) 225-9713
Math, Statistics Musulin, Rade (843) 384-1920
Math Olsen, Trevor (651) 226-1149
Math Reiswig, Josiah (218) 443-4790
Math Shuang Liu (803) 397-5140
Math Singgih, Inne (218) 409-4967
Math, Computer Science Southwick, Jeremiah (315) 450-2566
Math Whitlatch, Hays (803) 955-6435

*Most of these tutors are graduate or undergraduate students in math, statistics, or other math-intensive majors. To be considered for this list, tutors must maintain at least a B grade-point average. Foreign students must also abide by any work-related visa regulations. Arrangements such as pay, meeting times, etc. are to be arranged between the student and the tutor. USC students may also use the free services of the Math Tutoring Center (