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Division of Human Resources

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Job Family Job Family Description Available positions Keywords
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Academic and Career Counseling Provide advisement and assistance through educational and vocational guidance services that enhance the learning and professional development of students. Partner with academic units and employers to establish and maintain relationships, internship opportunities, and placement opportunities.  View available jobs in the Academic and Career Counseling family.   advisor, academic advising, career, employer relations, professional partnerships, fellowships, exploratory advisor, clinical placement,
Academic and Professional Training and Development Design and deliver leadership, professional and skill-based training opportunities for faculty and staff. Provide support to the development of knowledge and expertise in the delivery of mission critical functions. Utilize a variety of media and technologies to enhance learning and delivery of education. Assess and incorporate new curriculum based on the evolution of academic programs, advancement of technology, and to meet the needs of the populations served.  View available jobs in the Academic and Professional Training and Development family.   administrative assistant, coordinator, manager, receptionist, executive assistant, records
Administrative Support Serve the administrative needs of an organizational unit an individual. Ensure effectiveness of daily operations of supported areas which may include scheduling, customer service, data entry, documentation, records management, and assisting in the specific needs of the unit.  View available jobs in the Administrative support family.   administrative assistant, coordinator, manager, receptionist, executive assistant, records
Alumni Relations and Development Maintain lifelong relationships with alumni to support the continued engagement and investment in the institution. Foster a fundraising network comprised of alumni, corporations, foundations, communities and other prospective donors. Contribute to a variety of campaigns for small targeted audiences and up to large, multi-year capital campaigns. Manage the receipt, processing and data management of all gifts.  View available jobs in the Alumni Relations and Development family.  

alumni affairs, relations, development, annual giving, director of development, donor relations, lead senior, major gifts, principal gifts, gift processing, gift processor, gift planning, advancement

Ancillary Services

Provide services to support the institutions operations, students and employee population.  View available jobs in the Ancillary Services family.   food service, postal, mail clerk, lead teacher, retail clerk, passport, printing, mail processing, childcare center

Athletics Administration

Support the growth and development of athletes participating in a wide variety of sports. Contribute to the sports program development, recruitment of athletes, care and growth of athletes personnel, academic and professional needs, as well as their healthcare needs.  View available jobs in the Athletics Administration family.   coach, athletic, trainer, football, nutrition, dietitian, player development, sports analyst, sports psychologist

Audit, Compliance and Risk Management

Evaluate the institutions policies, processes and procedures to ensure alignment with institutional, state and federal policies, laws and regulations that govern financial, operational, and systems controls. Assess the institutions’ level of risk, identify vulnerabilities, and provide recommendations to strengthen and improve controls.  View available jobs in the Audit, Compliance, and Risk Management family.   audit, compliance, risk management, insurance, HIPAA, systems integrated,

Building and Grounds Maintenance

Responsible for the continuous care of the University’s facilities and grounds, ensuring safety, cleanliness and continued operability.  View available jobs in the Building and Grounds Maintenance family.   custodian, custodial, superintendent, facilities, contract services, maintenance, water, recycling, moving, masonry, barn, laborer, landscape, grounds, irrigation, arborist, leasing

Business Operations

Support academic and administrative units’ business operations including personnel management, fiscal operations, and coordination with multiple governing areas to ensure compliance. Aid in the attainment, monitoring, and control of external funding sources. Monitor budgets, agreements, grants and contracts for compliance and appropriate use of funds.  View available jobs in the Business Operations family.  

chief of staff, operations, grants, research operations, funds management, sponsored awards, proposal, contract compliance 

Campus Development

Contribute to the University’s long-term direction of the physical and built environment to meet the evolving needs for teaching, research and other institutional priorities. Responsibilities involve multiple project stages, from planning and design, to creation or modification and completion of the physical appearance, as well as additional real estate components.  View available jobs in the Campus Development family.   drafter, architect, energy plant, engineering, engineer, project manager, facilities project manager, project management, interior designer, campus developer, facilities maintenance director

Communications and Marketing

Responsible for the university’s brand and the shaping and implementing communications strategy and policy to support the strategic goals of the institution. Engaging, informing and inspiring key internal and external audiences, including but not limited to alumni and donors, students and prospective students, faculty and staff, influencers and the community through a variety of platforms and media. Support all units within the institution to ensure consistency in messaging and visual identity.  View available jobs in the Communications and Marketing family.  

visual branding, public relations, digital marketing, communications manager, public information, communication, marketing, sales, media resources, social media, VC

Community and Social Service

Engage and train communities in educational, healthcare, legal and family programs. Strive to bring awareness to opportunities and resources available. Partner with communities to identify needs and enable attainment of new programs.  View available jobs in the Community and Social Service family.  

education specialist, community education, community outreach, student health, health education, health educator, family engagement, social worker, community engagement, community outreach

Creative Services

Advance the university’s brand by telling its story through compelling and focused communications across a variety of mediums and creative platforms utilizing innovation, imagination, originality or artistic talent.    View available jobs in the Creative Services family.   content strategy, digital content, creator, editor, digital asset, media production, media producer, photographer, videographer, video producer, web manager, web developer, web designer, writers group, writer, writing, graphic designer, graphics

Enrollment Management

Responsible for outreach, recruitment, admissions and enrollment of students. Utilize well-planned strategies to engage in communities and high schools to attract a diverse student population made up of a variety of cultures, backgrounds and worldviews. Counsel and guide prospective students and their families in the academic programs and activities offered by the University. Ensure efficient admissions processes.  View available jobs in the Enrollment Management family.   admissions, student services program manager, assistant dean student services, student services program director, program lead, student services, senior director, TRIO, campus visits, visitor services, recruiting, recruitment

Environmental Health, Safety and Sustainability

Develop, implement and improve comprehensive programs that ensure the campus environment and community are safe. Ensure proper handling of hazardous materialsMaintain compliance with applicable state and federal laws and regulationsContribute to ongoing and increase research capabilitiesInspect student and employee work settings, and provides guidance for improvement where necessary.  View available jobs in the Environmental Health, Safety, and Sustainability family.  

fire safety, health and safety, industrial hygiene, construction safety, radiation, occupational safety,

Event Management

Responsible for planning, managing, and organizing functions, events, and productions. Obtain all necessary services and supplies. Secure appropriate venue. Care for guests from registration/invitation, through the event.  View available jobs in the Event Management family.   events, special events, house manager, event management operations, producer

Executive Administration

Provides oversight or administration of a unit or multiples units within the institution at a high level of visibility. Contributes to or sets long-term goals and strategic planning. Ensures effective financial management of responsibility units. Evaluates productivity and develops efficiencies.  View available jobs in the Executive Administration family.   Chief operating officer, chancellor, external affairs, secretary

Financial and Accounting Operations and Analysis

Ensure the University operates in a financially controlled and secure manner for all accounting and financial management in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP)Interprets financial policies, ensuring the accuracy and integrity of accounting records, and delivery of services to the customers served by all accounting operations. Ensure compliance with University policies, and state and federal laws and regulationsDevelop strategies and initiatives that strengthen the agency’s financial functions to ensure efficient use of University resources while providing a high level of customer service.  View available jobs in the Financial and Accounting Operations and Analysis family.   controller, accountant, accounts payable, accounts receivable, campus budget, deputy head, billing accountant, finance & administration, budget manager, budget analyst, budget director, student accounts, customer service, capital assets, fiscal analyst, cashier, cash, treasury management, financial reporting, fiscal technician, payroll, finance, tax, travel, post award, post awards, general accounting, bursar, sub-recipient, treasurer


Provide a variety of health services, both mental and physical, to the internal and external University community. Perform direct patient care or a variety of clinical patient support services.  View available jobs in the Healthcare family.  

athletic trainer, medical case, cardiac services, certified medical assistant, CMA, lab, laboratory, mental health, medical technologist, counselor, counseling, charge nurse, nursing, nurse, registered nurse, plastic surgery, RN, LPN, practitioner, patient advocate, pharmacy, pharmacist, phlebotomist, physical therapist, sports medicine, medical director, physician, pre-certification, psychiatry, psychologist, EEG, radiology, respiratory, ultrasound, sonography, student health center, surgical, psychiatric, student health

Human Resources

Advise employees, management and leadership in the application of Human Resources. Responsible for full lifecycle support of employees and positions. Provide management tools for attracting, retaining and rewarding employees. Support employees through career planning, life needs, and personal and professional wellness offerings. Maintain personnel data and ensures compliance with applicable University policies and state and federal laws and regulations.  View available jobs in the Human Resources family.   HR, benefits, compensation, classification, diversity, equity, inclusion, leave management, employee relations, international employment, employment, strategic services, generalist, HRIS, functional business, data/reporting, incident response, talent acquisition, shared services, service team, talent recruiter, investigations and resolutions, leave,  

Information Technology

Provide information technology resources to support the academic, research and operational needs of the University. Responsible for creating, processing, storing, securing and exchanging all forms of electronic data and information through the use of computers, storage, networking and other physical devices. Analyze needs within the University and develops technology solutions to meet those needs.  View available jobs in the Information Technology family.  

PMO, AV, IT, IT Business, Data, cyber security, IT Security, IT Business data, data center, data officer, data management, IT database, ED, EDN, network administration, network engineer, telecommunications, CIO, information technology, help desk, information security, information systems, support, enterprise applications, business systems analysis, access control, IT change management, governance, configuration, field service, identity and access management, IAM, infrastructure, customer/product support, system administrator, software, service delivery, system administrator, network operations, systems programmer, accessibility testing, AV services, digital accessibility developer, data center, systems architect, programmer, instructional systems,

Law Enforcement and Emergency Management

Coordinate the planning of, response to, and preparedness for emergency incidents and events at the University. Provide law enforcement, security and protection for the University community and property.  View available jobs in the Law Enforcement and Emergency Management family.   captain, bureau chief, chief of police, commander, dispatcher, dispatch, operations center, inspections, accreditation compliance,  emergency management, emergency, lieutenant, sergeant, police investigator, corporal, police officer, public safety, security specialist, evidence, victim advocate, threat mgt, crime prevention, criminal records

Legal Services

Provide legal consultation, training or support to the University and communities served.  View available jobs in the Legal Services family.  

training program, ombudsperson, trainer (law expert), paralegal, court liaison, general counsel, staff attorney, courts program

Library and Museum

Responsible for library and museum professional and support services. Contribute to daily operations development and exhibit of collections, acquisition and archival of collection items, as well as programming support.  View available jobs in the Library and Museum family.  

archivist, curator, library, librarian

Medical Office Administration

Responsible for the administrative service operations of a medical office. Assist patients through registration, billing and referrals. Maintain patient accounts and records. Coordinate insurance coverage and authorization. Support the clinical staff with any administrative or clerical needs.  View available jobs in the Medical Office Administration family.   patient accounts, medical billing, medical records, referral, patient services, patient support

Operational Analysis

Perform analysis of University data, processes, systems, and procedures to determine current state of performance, efficiency and effectiveness. Make recommendations for improvements, manages implementation and incorporation of changes, and evaluates outcomes. Utilize a variety of reporting and data analysis techniques to draw conclusions, monitor, and derive solutions. Take into consideration and plans for the people impact of change.  View available jobs in the Operational Analysis family.   division chief of staff, reporting & analysis, business intelligence, institutional reporting, financial change management, reporting & operations, partnerships & initiatives, strategic initiatives, intellectual property, evaluation & assessment

Procurement and Inventory Control

Responsible for supply chain management within the University. Source quality products and vendor services through formal process that ensures cost effectiveness. Develop and execute sourcing strategy and negotiates on behalf of the University. Ensure appropriate inventory levels for general stock items and proper storage.  View available jobs in the Procurement and Inventory Control family.   evidence and supply, shipping, warehouse, supply

Program Management

Contribute to the success of a program that has been established with specific objectives to achieve. The program may focus on a single initiative or a series of related projects. Objectives are aligned to a strategic plan or statement of work that guides the operations of the program area.  View available jobs in the Program Management family.   program manager, program director


Contribute to, perform, or support the University’s research initiatives.  View available jobs in the Research family.   animal care, veterinary, veterinarian, archaeologist, chemist, electronics, Medicaid eligibility, scientist, GIS, institutional research, clinical trials, post doctoral fellow, computing, laboratory manager, statistical, statistician,

Residential Living

Responsible for supporting a comprehensive residence life program which enhances the growth and development of residential students while supporting the academic mission of the University. Contribute to the students’ quality of living, support effective learning and development, and provide a secure environment.  View available jobs in the Residential Living family.   residential life, fraternity, sorority, housing


Perform retain services or provide sales assistance within the University. Coordinate sale electronically and in person. Provide effective customer service to patrons. Develop and deliver marketing strategies to increase sales.  View available jobs in the Retail/Sales family.   bookstore, box office, client relations, retail

Skilled Trades

Provide services to the University requiring a specific skill set, knowledge or ability.  View available jobs in the Skilled Trades family.   carpenter, painter, electrician, abatement, steam, CHW, energy plant, electrical, elevator, HVAC, locksmith, piano, plumber, roofer, small engine, welder, welding

Student Administrative Services

Responsible for assisting students in registration, records retention, and securing financial resources.  View available jobs in the Student Administrative Services family.   financial aid, registrar, student service program coordinator

Student Enrichment

Support the development of students’ academic and personal goals. Provide opportunities for student engagement within the University community and also through internships and study abroad.  View available jobs in the Student Enrichment family.  

student experience, study abroad, student life, campus programming, fraternity & sorority life, recreation fitness

Student Services

Contribute to the quality of students learning experience and academic success by transitioning students to a campus environment and meeting any specific academic resource needs they may have.  View available jobs in the Student Services family.   accessibility, digital accessibility, student success, dean of students, student conduct, student disability, disability,


Provide transportation services to the University. Maintain vehicles and other transportation mediums. Enforce parking and vehicle regulations.  View available jobs in the Transportation family.  

pilot, automotive, mechanic, parking, transportation, truck driver,


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