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Division of Human Resources

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Staff Directory

Name Department Title Phone Email Keywords
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Abraham, Jalen Benefits Counselor (Employee Last Names: G-L, N and R) 803-777-0464  
Agardy, Caroline Office of Vice President for Human Resources Vice President for Human Resources 803-777-7550  
Anderson, Zakiya Talent Acquisition Administrative Assistant 803-777-3821   
Arnold, Melissa Employee Relations  Manager 803-777-2846  
Bagley, Connie Benefits Benefits Auditor  803-777-3343  
Bailey, Ati'ya Talent Acquisition Consultant 803-777-2517  
Batchelder, Traci Employee Relations Consultant 803-777-0435   
Brazell, Michael HR Systems Information and Reporting HR Assistant 803-777-3111   
Brown, Sonya Office of Vice President for Human Resources Director of Administration and Policy  803-777-2683   
Castleberry, Shamika Benefits Counselor (Employee Last Names: O, P, and S-Z) 803-777-3243   
Chinwalla, Zahid Organizational and Professional Development Administrative Specialist 803-777-5946  
Condry, Sage Benefits Administrative Assistant  803-777-3228   
Cornelius, Endreka Talent Acquisition Coordinator 803-777-7842


Davis, April Background Screening Background Screening and Support Services Manager 803-777-3822  
Dunn, Susan Classification and Compensation Sr. Analyst 803-576-6827  
Eviston, Marcy Office for International Scholars Administrative Coordinator 803-777-7738  
Flippins, Alexandria Talent Acquisition Director 803-576-6223

Gillespie, Gigi HR Systems Information and Reporting Sr. Information Resources Consultant 803-777-3113  
Goodwin, Gwen HR Systems Information and Reporting Employee Records Management and Imaging Coordinator 803-777-2543  
Hughes, Tanika Background Screening Background Screening Specialist  803-777-9753   
Jarvis, Rena Employee Relations Specialist 803-576-8333  
Johnson, Lindsay Benefits Administrative Assistant 803-777-6650  
Johnson, Tonya HR Service Center Sr. HR Coordinator 803-777-5948  
Jones, Patience Background Screening Background Screening Coordinator 803-777-4476   
Jones-Davis, Rochelle HR Systems Information and Reporting Business Analyst 803-777-3306  
Joyner, Megan Office of the Vice President for Human Resources Administrative Coordinator 803-777-4014 tag 1, tag2
Lanier-Ridlehuber, Jill  Classification and Compensation Sr. Analyst  803-777-2912   
Lee, Stacy HR Systems Information and Reporting Manager 803-777-2224 or 576-6845  
Limpalair, Teresa PeopleSoft Support Team HR Systems Trainer 803-777-3111   
Livingston, Shaniqua HR Systems Information and Reporting Business Analyst 803-777-3528     
Mack, Helen Benefits Manager 803-576-6715   
Mayer, Kris HR Service Center Sr. HR Coordinator 803-777-5949  
Ogorek, Belinda HR Operations and Services Director 803-777-3259  
Padgett, Becky Distributed HR Manager of Distributed HR/ TCL HR Manager  803-777-8784   
Price, Gisele Benefits Counselor  803-777-6650    
Pruitt, Kim Organizational and Professional Development Assistant Director of Organizational Development 803-777-3529   
Ramos, April  HR Service Center HR Specialist 803-777-4315   
Richardson, Debbie HR Service Center  Student Employment Specialist  803-777-3253   
Riley, Joyce HR Service Center Manager 803-777-3527  
Rivers, Crystal HR Service Center Student Employment Specialist  803-576-7232   
Robinson, Doris Office for International Scholars Compliance Specialist  803-576-5648   
Saunders-Blanks, Jean Office for International Scholars Director 803-777-4740  
Strobert, Mira Classification and Compensation Analyst 803-576-8336   
Strong, Nathan Organizational and Professional Development Director 803-777-3508  
Thompson, Connie PeopleSoft Support Team Program Manager II 803-576-7346  
Thornton, Angela Benefits ACA, Leave, and Workers' Compensation Manager 803-777-5674   
Tolbert, Ciji Classification and Compensation Manager 803-777-1188  
Torok, Greg Employee Relations Director 803-777-6651   
Vaughn, Nicole Organizational and Professional Development Professional Development Manager 803-777-6342  
Washington, Gwendolyn Background Screening Background Screening Specialist 803-777-9752   
Waters, John HR Systems Information and Reporting HR Information Systems Consultant 803-777-3524  
Weatherford, Travis Office for International Scholars Sr. Advisor 803-777-6817  
West, Hank HR Systems Information and Reporting HR Reporting Analyst 803-777-9110   
Williams, Titus Benefits Counselor (Employee Last Names: A-F, M and Q) 803-777-2534   
Wilson, Travis Benefits Assistant Benefits Manager 803-777-3525  
Wright, Davon HR Service Center HR Specialist 803-777-5947  
Young, Lisa Office for International Scholars Program Coordinator 803-777-3002  

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