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Division of Human Resources

Screening Tools

Finding the best candidate to interview starts by narrowing down the application pool. 

The Screening Process (for the Columbia Campus Only)

The USC Jobs system automatically screens applicants to determine if they are qualified for a position based on answers they provide during the application process.

The Office of Talent Acquisition assigns educational and experience related questions to all newly posted staff positions that assess the minimum qualification requirements.

In addition, hiring managers are welcome to develop preferred qualifications and specific job related questions that applicants are required to answer as they apply.  Prescreening questions can help narrow the pool.

Narrowing the Pool 

The hiring manager will be able to view all applicants who are qualified based on their answers to the qualifying questions. Hiring managers must carefully review the applications to ensure those chosen to be interviewed meet the minimum requirements and that their noted experience is relevant for the job. These tools are provided to assist in that process. If you still have too many qualified candidates, consider a brief telephone interview.

Please also review these methods to reduce bias while screening applicants.



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