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Division of Human Resources

Staff Compensation

USC understands the importance of market driven, fair, and equitable pay to University employees from day one throughout the employment lifecycle. In fact, compensation is often one of the most critical factors in recruitment and retention of USC’s workforce.

Salaries at Hire

USC offers competitive starting pay based on various compensable factors such as the candidate’s education, experience, and skills, while ensuring these salary decisions are consistent and equitable.

An employee must be paid at least the minimum of the market range.

Hire above Minimum (HAM) - Applicants with qualifications exceeding the minimum requirements of the position may be eligible for a hire above the minimum. Hiring departments should complete a Hire Above Minimum request when submitting the hiring proposal in PeopleAdmin.

Differential and Premium Pay 

Special pay programs exist to allow USC to recognize circumstances such as differential pay for working specific shifts, being on call or called back to work outside of normal hours and living in other geographical areas of the country with different pay markets. These programs require review and approval by the Division of Human Resources.

Additional hourly payment for positions in a specific area assigned to an evening, night, weekend, rotating, or split shift. To qualify the shift for approval, the majority of hours of the shift must be outside the hours of 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

On-call pay is pay for a specific group of employees to remain available to return to work within a specified period. The Division of Human Resources must approve on-call pay plans.

Call back pay is pay for an employee to report to work either before or after normal duty hours to perform emergency services. The Division of Human Resources must approve each group of employees subject to call back.

Additional compensation for an employee where the employee may live and work in a market or region that has a higher cost of labor.

Additional Pay Opportunities

USC offers a range of options to compensate employees outside of their base pay. Specific criteria exist for each of these pay actions.

A lump sum payment for an eligible employee for exceptional service.

A lump sum payment for meeting specific criteria defined in the award authorization.

Some examples include employee of the month or year, teaching excellence and outstanding research.

Provides additional pay associated with short-term duties outside of normal responsibilities, but within scope of the primary job, not to exceed one year.

Typically granted when an employee takes on additional responsibilities when a vacancy occurs in their area and as funding is available.

Provides additional pay associated with longer-term special duties outside scope of the primary job. Staff may be relieved of some or all of their normal job duties during this time for a limited period of time, but with an anticipated duration of longer than one year.

Additional compensation for an employee for duties that are funded by a grant and are not considered part of the employee’s base appointment.

For more information, view the following HR policies:

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