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co-eds on the horseshoe circa 1898

Learn something new 'On the Horseshoe'

December 01, 2015, Page Ivey

Elizabeth Cassidy West has been telling and curating the story of the University of South Carolina for more than 15 years as the university’s archivist. But nowhere is the university’s story more clearly told than in the buildings of the Horseshoe, the original campus for South Carolina College and the heart of today’s sprawling downtown Columbia campus.

Subra Bulusu

Eluding pirates with NASCar

November 18, 2015, Steven Powell

Associate professor Subrahmanyam Bulusu is part of an international team collecting hydrographic data in pirate-infested waters to better understand the northern Arabian Sea circulation. Key to the effort, and an essential element of the team’s variant of a widely recognized acronym, NASC-ar, is autonomous research.

Alicia Leeke

Under the microscope

November 03, 2015, Steven Powell

Microscopic creatures come to artistic life in alumna Alicia Leeke’s colorful traveling exhibition. The Columbia-based artist collected and photographed phytoplankton from local waters with the help of professor Tammi Richardson, then created abstract renderings of the micrographs.

reel to reel tapes

Born to run off the reels

October 14, 2015, Steven Powell

Many of the more than 46 million sound recordings archived throughout the U.S. carry the risk of being destroyed during an attempt to digitize them, because magnetic audiotape can deteriorate over time. Chemistry professor Steve Morgan leads a team of researchers developing a means to readily assess the structural condition of magnetic tape, using non-destructive infrared spectroscopy to identify tapes that suffer from ‘sticky-shed syndrome’ and will fall apart on playback.

CCCR undergraduate research

Opening doors

September 25, 2015, Steven Powell

The words ‘summer’ and ‘vacation’ go together like peanut butter and jelly for a lot of college students, but in the famously hot months the University of South Carolina offers meatier sandwiches than that on its academic menu. This summer the university’s Center for Colon Cancer Research brought undergraduates from around the country into a brand-new biomedical research experience.

theatre 99

Funny on the fly

September 23, 2015, Glenn Hare

For 20 years, Theatre 99 has been the epicenter of improvisational theatre in Charleston, attracting a cross-section of the city looking for something “edgy” to do on date night. The attic-turned-bare-bones theater above a Meeting Street bicycle shop is also where you’ll find Greg Tavares and Brandy Sullivan, both 1991 University of South Carolina theater graduates, making people laugh three nights a week.

Hollings scholars

Tops in the nation, again

September 04, 2015, Steven Powell

Watching their teams climb in the rankings is a cherished pastime of many Gamecocks, but competitive talent at Carolina is hardly restricted to the sporting life. Over the past several years, the University of South Carolina has been a fixture near or atop the leaderboard in producing Hollings scholars, fielding a group of academic talent that, once again this year, is second to none in the country.