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three award winners

UofSC honors top students at Awards Day

April 18, 2019, Page Ivey

The University of South Carolina presented its top student honors, the Algernon Sydney Sullivan and Steven N. Swanger awards, to three graduating seniors during the university’s annual Awards Day ceremony Thursday on the historic Horseshoe.

digital transformation lab

The next big thing(s)

December 31, 2018, Page Ivey

The university has entered two new partnerships — the Industrial Internet of Things Research Lab, which is a partnership with IBM, and the 15,000-square-foot Digital Transformation Lab, which will serve as a research showplace for projects with an array of real-world industrial and consumer applications. USC Times asked Bill Kirkland, director of the Office of Economic Engagement, to help us understand both ventures.

Bob Johnston

Creating a new path

October 31, 2018, Page Ivey

When Bob Johnston found himself out of work during the economic downtown of 2008, he hired on with a temp agency. He was sent to a logistics company in his hometown of Laurens where he did such a good job, the company offered him a salaried management position — his first. He knew he was going to need to up his game to succeed. Enter Palmetto College.

Matt Schreiber

Distinguished Young Alumnus: Matt Schreiber

October 26, 2018, Page Ivey

Matt Schreiber didn’t come to Carolina expecting to become a private wealth manager. In fact, his degrees, a bachelor’s in history (’03) and a master’s in teaching (’04) are more often associated with less financially lucrative careers. But the 2018 Distinguished Young Alumnus puts his two degrees to work every day, using historic trends to map investment strategy and helping educate his clients on how best to navigate the market.

Cindy Jackson

Algernon Sydney Sullivan Award: Cindy Jackson

October 25, 2018, Page Ivey

Cindy Jackson’s life changed in 2001 when she sustained third-degree burns while living in South America. She was evacuated to the U.S. where she spent the first five months of a two-year healing process. When the 1981 education graduate returned to South America, where she and her family did mission work, she saw what became of burn patients that didn’t have access to the care she got in the U.S.

Akil Ross

Outstanding Black Alumnus: Akil Ross

October 24, 2018, Page Ivey

Akil Ross knew he wanted to have an impact on young people’s lives even before he completed his master’s and Ph.D. in education from the University of South Carolina. His efforts to do just that have won him many accolades, including being named national principal of the year as well as winning the 2018 Outstanding Black Alumnus Award.

anita zucker

Honorary Life Member: Anita Zucker

October 19, 2018, Page Ivey

It is rare that a Florida Gator becomes a member of the University of South Carolina Alumni Association, but Anita Zucker is just such a rare person. “One of my areas of passion is education,” says Zucker, chair and chief executive office of The InterTech Group Inc. in Charleston.

tedx rehearsal

Talking TEDx

October 09, 2018, Page Ivey

Overcoming stereotypes and drug addiction, learning to listen in uncomfortable conversations about race, and finding new ways to diagnose and treat mental illnesses were just some of the wide range of topics presented by speakers at the inaugural TEDxUofSC event Tuesday.

Shelley Jones

A guide to online education

October 05, 2018, Page Ivey

English professor Shelley Jones might be the best friend Palmetto College students have, developing extracurricular classes that basically teach those returning students how to be students again — and how to avail themselves to all the digital resources. Her efforts were recognized with the 2018 John J. Duffy Excellence in Teaching Award.

Scott Salters

No dream too big

May 09, 2018, Page Ivey

Scott Salters thought his dream of being a physician in his hometown of Greenville — helping folks and being a role model for other young black men — was too big a dream. Now after two years at Carolina, Salters graduates in May with leadership distinction, a long list of accomplishments and activities, and a plan to attend medical school.

Dance preview

Creating the dancer

November 09, 2017, Page Ivey

Stacey Calvert has been a devotee of choreographer George Balanchine since she was a young dancer. “The choreography is brilliant; it’s beyond brilliant,” she says. "It’s super organic to dance. As a dancer, it makes perfect sense.” That is why Calvert has staged a Balanchine program every spring for the past 14 years as a dance professor at the University of South Carolina.

family fund

All in the family

September 20, 2017, Page Ivey

Since its inception in 1981, the Family Fund has generated more than $50 million for Carolina. Gifts through the Family Fund support groundbreaking research, strengthen programs and initiatives, recruit and develop world-class faculty and fund scholarships.

pastides family

Full circle

May 13, 2017, Page Ivey

For university President Harris Pastides, receiving the Ellis Island Medal of Honor is like coming full circle for the son of Greek immigrants who left their idyllic Mediterranean island home in search of better life for their children.

meet and three

Fake news is real

February 14, 2017, Page Ivey

Fake news. You’ve heard about it, consumed it, probably even believed it — at least on occasion. But what is it? Why does it exist? How do we combat it and why can’t it just go away? USC Times invited two faculty members and an alumnus who serves as the attorney for the South Carolina Press Association to discuss one of the most vexing of 21st century media problems — the rampant spread of fake news, clickbait profiteering and outright propaganda.

sc encyclopedia

SC Encyclopedia off the shelf and on the web

December 14, 2016, Page Ivey

If you’re of a certain age, you might remember the row of dusty encyclopedias in your parents’ den — books that were the Google of their day but limited in what they could convey. Now you can open the “South Carolina Encyclopedia” and hear Dizzy Gillespie talk about be-bop or watch qualifying for a 1970s Southern 500 stock car race. That’s because the encyclopedia has gone digital.

faye jeffcoat

Remembering Big Abb, Little Abb

July 27, 2016, Page Ivey

Faye Jeffcoat is a Gamecock by marriage and motherhood, but there is no doubt her blood runs garnet. A native of Newberry, S.C., who was an English major at Newberry College, Jeffcoat says her family was evenly split between University of South Carolina and Clemson grads — that is until she met and married Abb Jeffcoat Jr. After that, it was all Carolina, all the time.

The mechanisms of memory

June 15, 2016, Page Ivey

Michy Kelly’s fascination with how brains work began in high school when she noticed that she and her brother were polar opposites when it came to cognitive abilities. Finding the physical difference in brains that have an inability to consistently create new memories — or find old ones — is a key focus of her work, which earned her recognition as one of the University of South Carolina’s 2016 Breakthrough Stars.

stamps scholars

Stamps Family Charitable Foundation invests in UofSC students

May 13, 2016, Page Ivey

For today’s college students, a big part of their education happens outside the classroom, in the “real world.” But finding the time — and sometimes, more importantly, the money — for such real-world experiences can be difficult. Now USC’s best and brightest students have that opportunity thanks to the Stamps Carolina Scholars program

Caroline Westberg

Helping women teach each other to lead

March 30, 2016, Page Ivey

Helping her peers, especially other young women, find their leadership voice is Caroline Westberg’s passion. She has spent the past year – her senior year at the University of South Carolina – creating Women LEAD. On Wednesday, Westberg was named the 2016 Outstanding Woman of the Year.


Academic bloggers share research with broader audience

March 28, 2016, Page Ivey

For researchers, little else is more gratifying than studying something that helps someone else — whether it’s finding a sustainable healthy diet, a better way to motivate workers 
or a way to make coursework more engaging. For some professors and researchers that means taking their scholarly work into the blogosphere, where they can reach not just others in their profession, but those who might learn from their work.

Angela Liese

Ground-breaking researcher helps others start careers

March 16, 2016, Page Ivey

In her 15 years at the Arnold School of Public Health, epidemiology and biostatistics professor Angela Liese has not only done ground-breaking research in the area of nutrition, food security and diabetes, but also mentored dozens of junior faculty both in the Arnold School and in other colleges and disciplines. Liese has been named a 2016 Breakthrough Leadership Award winner by the Office of Research.

norman and gerry sue arnold

Arnold School marks 40 years of making SC healthier

March 15, 2016, Page Ivey

Very few disciplines have as much real-world immediate impact as public health, and the University of South Carolina’s Arnold School of Public Health has increased its reach and impact in each of its 40 years, going from seven faculty members and 34 students in 1975 to more than 2,500 students and 137 faculty who last year garnered $36 million in research dollars.

co-eds on the horseshoe circa 1898

Learn something new 'On the Horseshoe'

December 01, 2015, Page Ivey

Elizabeth Cassidy West has been telling and curating the story of the University of South Carolina for more than 15 years as the university’s archivist. But nowhere is the university’s story more clearly told than in the buildings of the Horseshoe, the original campus for South Carolina College and the heart of today’s sprawling downtown Columbia campus.

Jean Toal

'I have seen a lot of firsts in my time'

August 04, 2015, Page Ivey

Chief Justice Jean Hoefer Toal, ’68 law, has seen a lot of firsts in her life, from being the first woman to chair a legislative committee to being the first woman on the state Supreme Court. She sat down with us to chat about her time at Carolina, her extraordinary career as an attorney, lawmaker and justice, and the future as she prepares to retire in December.

Perry MacLennan

Making his case: Recent law grad argues before SC Supreme Court

July 30, 2015, Page Ivey

In preparation for his biggest court appearance to date, Perry MacLennan, ’14 law, recalled one of his last classes at the University of South Carolina. In a trial by fire, MacLennan got to put what he had learned to use into real life in front of the South Carolina Supreme Court, arguing successfully on behalf on his client less than a year after he graduated.

Asma Jaber

Pivotal time: Helping preserve disappearing history

July 16, 2015, Page Ivey

Some of the world’s oldest artifacts are located in some of the world’s most volatile locations, making them vulnerable to destruction either intentionally or as collateral damage. Digitally preserving those historic items and locations is the goal of technology startup PIVOT.

TCube Solutions

Local tech firm hires grads to solve problems

July 08, 2015, Page Ivey

Andrea Martin graduated from the University of South Carolina in May with a degree in mathematics. Next month, the Columbia native will be flying to England to help a British client implement a new software program.

Ondina Miranda and her son Moses

Paso a paso: Helping Latino families succeed in SC

June 24, 2015, Page Ivey

When Ondina Miranda came to South Carolina from Honduras, she wanted to learn English, to finish school and to offer her future children a better life. But, she needed a little help, especially when she was pregnant with her first child.

Dean Mary Ann Parsons and the first graduate of the DNP program

The doctor of nursing practice will see you now

June 11, 2015, Page Ivey

The doctor of nursing practice program at the University of South Carolina is marking 15 years this year and is expanding to include a psychiatric/mental health specialty starting in the fall. It is just one of the innovative changes made since UofSC’s doctorate became just the fourth such program in the nation.

Lisa and Katie Jerald

Mother, daughter share title of graduate

May 04, 2015, Page Ivey

Four years ago when Katie Jerald started classes at the University of South Carolina, her mother, Lisa, was trying to finish up her own degree, which had been put on hold decades earlier for marriage and a family. Now, mother and daughter will graduate on the same weekend: Lisa with a degree in sociology and Katie with a business degree in marketing and human resources.

Paul Reed

Mouth of Cards: Researcher tracks Southern accents

April 27, 2015, Page Ivey

Anyone who has watched the Netflix series “House of Cards” knows that Kevin Spacey is supposed to be from the South Carolina Upstate, but what many people outside the state and outside linguistics circles don’t realize is that his accent is all wrong.

Discovery Day

Students show off research at Discovery Day

April 17, 2015, Page Ivey

Pharmacy students Alexas Polk and Sarah DeMott researched nearly 5,000 medical orders given on television medical shows since 1989 (Doogie Howser, M.D.). What they found was that fictional TV doctors were wrong about 12 percent of the time. They will present their findings at Discovery Day.

Allison Marsh

Capturing life at Gitmo

April 09, 2015, Page Ivey

The U.S. naval base at Guantanamo Bay has had some seriously bad press over the past dozen years as the detention center for people deemed enemy combatants following the 2001 terrorist attacks. But the base was there for a century before that and was home to thousands of service members, their families and civilian contractors from both the U.S. and other countries.

Jacquline Plyler

Outstanding Woman of the Year: Jacquline Plyler

March 26, 2015, Page Ivey

Jacquline Plyler has always had an affinity for animals, her mother says, even though she was once kicked while trying to vaccinate a cow. Now the biomedical engineering senior wants to make a career out of studying and creating vaccines for farm animals. “I didn’t decide to pre-vet until between my freshman and sophomore year,” says Plyler, who was honored this week as the university’s Outstanding Woman of the Year.

3D printing vase

Print that: Bringing lessons to life in 3D

March 17, 2015, Page Ivey

Students in Carlina De La Cova’s intro anthropology class learn best when they can touch and hold artifacts they are discussing in class. The problem is those artifacts are rare, sometimes one-of-a-kind links to the past that may not fare well in freshmen hands. The solution? Recreate the artifacts on a 3D printer, including the wear and tear of being in the ground for hundreds or thousands of years.

Mary Anne Fitzpatrick

Q&A with Mary Anne Fitzpatrick

March 15, 2015, Page Ivey

Longtime College of Arts and Sciences Dean Mary Anne Fitzpatrick has been tapped to participate in a panel discussion about the role the humanities play in public life as part of the National Humanities Alliance’s Advocacy Day. She talked with us recently about the vital role the humanities play in a range of disciplines and why it is important to keep teaching these disciplines to college students.

Leeza Gibbons

'The lesson of more'

March 06, 2015, Page Ivey

The words of University of South Carolina broadcast professor Richard Uray have stuck with Leeza Gibbons for nearly 40 years, teaching her the lesson of "more." The 1978 alumna recently won TV's "Celebrity Apprentice" and plans to use her prize money to renovate a home for families dealing with chronic illnesses or diseases.

UofSC law professor Tessa Davis

Finding the American family in the tax code

February 24, 2015, Page Ivey

Just what makes an American family? The answer or answers, for Tessa Davis, can be found in the tax code. Tax law may seem far afield from Davis’ bachelor’s and master’s degrees in anthropology, but she says the two disciplines fit together very nicely.

Sanura Eley-O'Reilly

Track star takes on leadership role after injuries

February 19, 2015, Page Ivey

When you think of track stars as leaders, you typically think of them leading from the front with their followers trailing behind. But University of South Carolina sprinter Sanura Eley-O’Reilly knows a little about leading from the bench.

Bradley Dean

Mapping king tides, sea-level rise

February 05, 2015, Page Ivey

What would rising sea levels do to South Carolina’s coast? Bradley Dean, a 2013 master of earth and environmental resources management, has created a preview that the public can see on the Internet. Put together with the mounds of data NOAA collects about perigean spring tides — also known as King Tides — the maps should provide policymakers with information they need to create sound coastal management plans.