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SCHC Peer Mentorship Program Application 2019-2020

As a mentor, you will have a small group of “mentees” (new freshmen) that you will connect with individually and as a small group. This year we hope to have two mentors per group of mentees- allowing for more connection and accountability. The Honors College will have a series of programs planned for the fall for you to invite your mentees to, but it will also be encouraged to set up times to chat and bond with your mentees on your own time. Being a mentor is a great way for an upperclassman to connect with new students and share wisdom and advice that you learned or was passed on to you about being an honors student here at USC (which courses to take, how to balance honors course work with extracurriculars, how to take advantage of honors resources, etc.). This position is also a way to be involved in leadership within the Honors College.

The work for this position will largely be something to schedule at your own convenience, but there will be some expectations that will be laid out for the position to make sure the mentors are being held accountable to connect with their mentees.

  • You will be required to attend a training session before you leave for the summer (days and times TBA).
  • Mentors will check in with their students via email or text a minimum of once a week for the first three weeks of class, and on a biweekly basis after that time.
  • The formal commitment to the program will end after the fall semester concludes, but students are free to continue any relationships that they wish.
  • All mentors will be expected to uphold the Carolina Creed and maintain good academic standing within the South Carolina Honors College. Those who violate either term will be asked to step down from their position.

*Note, your academic records will be checked to ensure that you are in good standing each term that you serve as a mentor.

Application deadline is January 25, 2019. Interviews will be held January 28 – February 1.  If you have any questions, please email Dr. Kay Banks:

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