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Honors Peer Mentorship Program

Easing the Transition to College

Remember when you were a freshman feeling lost on campus?

The Honors Peer Mentorship Program is a lifeline for incoming Honors College freshmen to help ease the transition into the Honors College and university life by grouping new students with experienced upperclassmen. New students have a contact from the first day they arrive on campus to help them navigate this new step in their life. For fall 2018, we aim to pair two mentors to a group of four or five first year students with whom they will interact with throughout the semester. Incoming freshmen will have the chance to sign up for the program after Orientation over the summer.


Sharing Experience

Mentees gain wisdom from a current Honors College student on big topics like which courses to take, how to balance Honors coursework with extracurriculars, and how to take advantage of Honors resources, as well as the small things like what to do if you have an annoying roommate, the best places to eat on campus, and which professors they should take a class with.


Leadership Through Mentoring

Mentors help cultivate the Honors community and hone their leadership skills through working as a peer mentor to new students. Each Honors Mentor is charged with a small group of new students that they will connect with both individually and as a group. The Honors College hosts an event planned for Honors Mentors and their Mentees to initially forge these relationships and provides other opportunities for mentors and mentees to engage with one another throughout the semester. Being an Honors Mentor is a great way for upperclassmen to connect with new students, share advice they wish they would’ve known as a freshman, and to help cultivate our vibrant and supportive Honors community. We aim to allow opportunities for further leadership and service for outstanding and interested mentors.


Mentor Responsibilities

The work for this position will largely be something to schedule at your own convenience, but there will be some expectations laid out for the position to make sure the mentors are being held accountable to connect with their mentees. Our application will hold more detailed information on expectations.



The application to be an Honors Mentor becomes available on the Honors College website each spring with a notification in the spring semester if they have been selected for the position. Any Honors College students that have completed their first year of college are welcome to apply. Incoming Honors College freshmen will receive information on how to sign up and apply during orientation season. 


Transfer Students

Students transferring into the Honors College will also have the opportunity to participate as a mentee in the Honors Mentorship Program. If you get accepted into the Honors College, look out for information on how to sign up to have a mentor in early summer.