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National Fellowships

What are National Fellowships?

A national fellowship is a grant of money awarded directly to you from an organization outside of the university through a merit-based national competition. Awards are granted for both undergraduate and graduate study and can be used at UofSC or other institutions. It's never too early to engage in the process.

What is National Fellowships and Scholar Programs?

National Fellowships and Scholar Programs is a close partner to the Honors College with a friendly staff that advises students pursuing nationally competitive awards and provides essay reviews, reflection conversations, and interview practice for specific national competitions, as well as pairing students with faculty mentors.

How do I add my name to the winner’s list?  

Schedule an appointment to meet with a national fellowship advisor and learn how to apply for a national fellowship that fits your academic interests and career goals. Also, check out the INFO (Investigate National Fellowships Opportunities) database.


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