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  • 2024 SCHC Peer Mentors

Honors Peer Mentor Program

The Honors Peer Mentor Program is an incredible opportunity for incoming Honors College students to meet their peers, explore the abundant resources USC has to offer and transition into a vibrant and well-rounded university life, all with the guidance and friendship of experienced upper-level students.

About the Program

To ensure mentors are prepared to be an effective resource for their mentees (typically 1-2 students), they complete training regarding USC resources and programs, supportive listening, Honors requirements and leadership skills. Mentors and mentees are matched early in the fall semester, based off aligned interests. Once paired, mentees and mentors attend exclusive Peer Mentor Program events in the fall and spring.

To help incoming Honors students adjust to life at the University of South Carolina and the Honors experience by providing group support and community within the Honors College. The Honors Peer Mentor Program is most beneficial for students in search of additional community, resources and support.

  1. To connect new incoming Honors students in their transition to USC and the South Carolina Honors College
  2. To provide meaningful and authentic partnerships between Honors students
  3. To provide a space for students to process their college experiences
  4. To connect students with campus resources
  5. To provide upperclassmen with opportunities for developing leadership skills
Check out some photos from past Honors Peer Mentor events on our Honors flickr page!


  • Learn from the experiences of others
  • Increase your social and academic confidence
  • Become more empowered to make decisions
  • Develop strategies for dealing with both personal and academic issues
  • Identify goals and establish a sense of direction
  • Respond to their mentor’s communications and check-ins
  • Reach out to their mentor when guidance is needed
  • Meet with their mentor once per month
  • Attend 3+ events during the academic year 
  • Communicate any concerns with the Mentee Logistics Coordinator
  • Complete the program survey
  • Mentee application opens Wednesday, Sept. 11, 2024
  • Mentee application closes Wednesday, Sept. 25, 2024
  • Mentee/Mentor matches shared by Wednesday, Oct. 2, 2024
  • Is the program free? Yes!
  • Is this program required for all incoming first-year students? No, joining is not mandatory. We encourage students seeking additional community and support to apply.
  • When is the best time to sign up for the program? Incoming students are encouraged to apply in early/mid September of their first semester. 
  • When do I find out who my Mentor is? Matches will be made and shared by Wednesday, Oct. 2, 2024.


Gain a fulfilling experience
Your guidance can make an enormous difference in the lives of new students, who may otherwise feel lost, isolated, and stressed during their transition to university life. You get to share what you’ve learned during your time at USC and be there for someone who will certainly appreciate it. 

Boost leadership and relationship skills
Peer Mentors will encounter a variety of new situations, allowing them to utilize and enhance leadership and relationship skills. Having a mentor/mentee relationship will improve your capacity to be compassionate, confident, make sound decisions, and listen to others. 

Improve career profile
Your role as a Peer Mentor will add valuable experience to your resume and provide opportunities to demonstrate your adaptability, resourcefulness, and passion for helping others.

Meet new people
Mentees aren't the only ones gaining new friends in the Peer Mentor Program. Peer Mentors often befriend their Mentees, other Mentors, and other Mentees during the various events and volunteer activities hosted by the Peer Mentor Program. The Honors Peer Mentor Program isn’t just a school activity; it’s a place where students connect and become life-long friends.

  • Attend 3+ trainings
  • Attend 3+ events throughout the academic year
  • Demonstrate an ability to support mentee(s) with appropriate campus and community resources and an approachable and respectful character  
  • Communicate with mentee(s) bimonthly, with additional check-ins during advising, midterms, and finals
  • Meet with Mentee(s) once per month
  • Communicate any concerns with the Mentor Logistics Coordinator
  • Uphold the Carolinian Creed and maintain good academic standing within the South Carolina Honors College 
  • Complete a program survey
  • Must be a currently enrolled full-time student who will have completed at least 30 USC credit hours at the end of the current academic year
Applications for the 2024-2025 academic year will open March 13, 2024 and close March 27, 2024. Please check the Honors newsletter and this page for updates. The Honors Peer Mentor application is located here.

Executive Board

The Executive Board serves as the student leadership of the Peer Mentor Program. Members of the Executive Board work with the Student Engagement Coordinator and First-Generation Coordinator to ensure the Peer Mentor Program is effective, engaging, and tailored to the needs of incoming Honors students. Executive Board elections occur annually in late spring.

View the Executive Board Blueprint.

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