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My Honors College

Creative Writing - by Isabeau Newnam

My creative writing instructor prompted us to write about two things that have a seemingly minimal connection, but between which an important relationship can be created. My friends and I have always made fun of the dirty carpet in our room, which we always say we will get rid of but for some reason never do. I decided it would be interesting to explore why we never got rid of it, and how its actually an important sanctuary for us all to sit and talk together.

Our Carpet in Our Dorm Room 

The hair in our carpet is nestled too deep for the vacuum It lifts itself, like teasing fingers to the nozzle
Only to have roots too deep to be weeded 

We lay in the carpet like we would lay in the soft sand Swirl our hands and dig our toes
When we lift our heads to laugh
Our caught hair pulls us back down 

We vacuum again
But the long strands are wrapped up in memories Snug and secure, deep
In the carpet 

The more we play and eat and cry We spill all over the carpet
Soy and hot dog bun seeds
The vacuum picks those up 

We only think to dry clean it after a bad weekend Out out out
To sharp feelings
Gross little strands of hair 

But the hair in our carpet is nestled too deep for the vacuum And each time we lay and laugh
We feel it tickle our cheeks
Soft like friendship is supposed to feel 

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