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Molinaroli College of Engineering and Computing

Mechanical Engineering

Our Labs and Groups

Explore our active research labs, groups, centers and institutes affiliated with the Department of Mechanical Engineering.

Aerospace Engineering,Mechanical Engineering,Civil and Environmental Engineering,Artificial Intelligence,Advanced Manufacturing Adaptive Real-Time Systems Laboratory (ARTS-Lab) Machine learning; Artificial intelligence, Real-time control; Sensors; Impact; High-rate; Structural health monitoring; Dense sensor networks; Autonomous systems; Embedded systems Downey, Austin AI, mechanical, civil, aerospace,
Aerospace Engineering,Mechanical Engineering Additive Manufacturing of Composites and Design Engineering Laboratory (AMCODE) Wout De Baker Thermoplastic Composites, Thermoset Composites, Continuous Fiber Additive Manufacturing, Polymer Additive Manufacturing, Extrusion Additive Manufacturing, Fiber Impregnation, Industrial Automation, Industrial Robotics
Mechanical Engineering,Nuclear Engineering,Artificial Intelligence Advanced Materials Discovery and Simulation Laboratory High-throughput computation; Machine learning; Big data; Materials design; Thermal transport; Energy conversion; Energy storage Hu, Ming applied computing, data science
Intelligent Infrastructure,Mechanical Engineering,Nuclear Energy Center for Mechanics, Materials and Non-Destructive Evaluation Digital image correlation (DIC); Computational mechanics; Sutton, Michael
Mechanical Engineering,Aerospace Engineering,Advanced Manufacturing Center for Predictive Maintenance Component testing; Predictive analytics; Digital transformation; Sensor signal processing; Virtual and augmented reality; Health monitoring systems; Physics-based data modeling Bayoumi, Abdel Aerospace Engineering, VR, Mcnair, mechanical
Mechanical Engineering,Aerospace Engineering Computational Thermo-Fluid Laboratory Yue (Stanley) Ling Multiphase flows, Atomization, Sprays, Droplets, Phase change, Compressible flows, High-fidelity simulation, High-Performance computing, Data-driven modeling
Mechanical Engineering Gross Materials Lab Architected materials; Model calibration; Material characterization Gross, Andrew mechanical engineering,
Mechanical Engineering High Temperature Electrochemical Materials and Energy Lab Electrochemistry; Solid oxide fuel cells; Gas separation membranes; Ceramics; Micro/nano-structures Xue, Xingjian
Chemical Engineering,Mechanical Engineering,Energy Storage and Distribution Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Center Hydrogen; Fuel cells; Electrolysis cells; Batteries; Electrochemical modeling; Electrochemical characterization; Transport phenomena; Renewable energy Shimpalee, Sirivatch Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Electrochemistry, Multiscale Modeling
Mechanical Engineering Integrated Material Assessment and Predictive Simulation Laboratory (i-MAPS) Nondestructive evaluation; Structural health monitoring; Biosensors; Point-of-Care; Energy harvesting; Biomimetics; Smart materials; Material characterization; Ultrasonics; Acoustics Banerjee, Sourav Bio-origami, Computational NDE, Data Analytics, Big Data, Machine Learning, Predictive Simulation, Otobiomechanics, Phononics, Deep Learning, Programable Matter, Mechanobiomechanics, Noise Control, Energy Scavenging, NDE Data Analytics, SHM Big Data, Prognosis, Computational Modeling
Mechanical Engineering,Nuclear Engineering,Aerospace Engineering Integrated Materials Research Group Mechanical metallurgy; Friction stir welding; Crystal plasticity; Multi-scale modeling; Dislocation dynamics; Friction and wear Zhou, Caizhi aerospace, mechanical, nuclear
Advanced Manufacturing,Mechanical Engineering,Aerospace Engineering Integrated Multiphysics and Systems Engineering Laboratory (iMSEL) Reduced-order modeling; Real-time simulation; Multi-fidelity surrogate model; Optimization; Design; Machine learning; Computer vision; Autonomy; System control; Edge computing Wang, Yi aerospace, mechanical, data mining, design, unmanned systems
Advanced Manufacturing,Mechanical Engineering Laboratory for Active Materials and Smart Structures (LAMSS) Nondestructive evaluation; Structural health monitoring; Piezoelectric wafer active sensors; Fiber Bragg grating Giurgiutiu, Victor NDE, SHM, PWAS, FBG, SLDV
Mechanical Engineering,Aerospace Engineering Laboratory for Fuels, Energy Conversion, and Propulsion Technology Sang Hee Won Combustion, fuels, plasma, flame dynamics, chemical kinetics, propulsion, laser diagnostics
Mechanical Engineering,Computer Science and Engineering,Artificial Intelligence,Transforming Health Care Machine Learning and Evolution Laboratory Deep learning; Machine learning; Materials discovery; Bioinformatics, Health informatics; Inverse design; Protein design Hu, Jianjun computer science, mechanical engineering, cse
Aerospace Engineering,Mechanical Engineering McNAIR Center Composites; Predictive maintenance; Digital transformation; 3D printing of composites and metal; Drones; Unmanned vehicles; Combustion; Automated fiber placement Paul Ziehl Aerospace engineering, mechanical, UAV, AFP
Mechanical Engineering,Advanced Manufacturing,Aerospace Engineering Metal 3D Printing Laboratory Solidification; Additive manufacturing; Materials processing; Computational modeling and simulation; Microstructure and defects Yuan, Lang Metal, Numerical Simulation, Manufacturing, Advanced Manufacturing, Powder, Nickel-based superalloy, Aluminum alloy, monitoring, process control, aerospace, mechanical
Mechanical Engineering Micro/Nanoscale Transport Lab Two-phase heat and mass transfer; Thermal management; Water-energy nexus Li, Chen mechanical
Biomedical Engineering,Mechanical Engineering Microfluidics and Bioimaging Laboratory Micro/nanofluidics; Electrokinetics; Lab-on-a-chip; Far field optical nanoscopy and super-resolution imaging; Cancer detection; Fluorescence spectroscopy; Fluid dynamics; Turbulence and mixing Wang, Guiren mechanical, biomedical
Civil and Environmental Engineering,Mechanical Engineering,Aerospace Engineering,Advanced Manufacturing Multiscale Manufacturing & Mechanics of Materials and Structures Group (MSMOMS) Composites; Fibers; Automated tow placement; Process-Structure-Property; Computational/experimental mechanics; Materials-by-Design; Dynamic composite behavior Sockalingam, Subramani Aerospace, armor, ballistic impact, mechanical, civil, environmental
Mechanical Engineering neXt | Future Factories Ramy Harik Intelligent Manufacturing, Composites Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, Automated Fiber Placement, Process Planning
Nuclear Engineering,Mechanical Engineering Nuclear Science and Energy Center Nuclear Science; Nuclear Energy Cacuci, Dan Gabriel mechanical engineering, nuclear engineering
Advanced Manufacturing,Intelligent Infrastructure,Mechanical Engineering Paul Ziehl Research Group Aerospace composites; High pressure vessels; Autonomous evaluation; Machine learning; Edge analytics; Sustainable materials; Infrastructure Ziehl, Paul civil, environmental
Aerospace Engineering,Mechanical Engineering ReActing Systems & Advanced Energy Research (RASAER) Lab Plasma; Combustion; Kinetics; Emissions; Reacting flows; Multi-physics Farouk, Tanvir aerospace, mechanical
Advanced Manufacturing,Aerospace Engineering,Mechanical Engineering,Intelligent Infrastructure,Nuclear Engineering SmartState™ Center for Multifunctional Materials and Structures Aerospace composites; Multi-functional materials; Remote sensing; Digital twin; Artificial intelligence; Edge analytics; Data-informed decision making Ziehl, Paul aerospace, civil, environmental, mechanical, nuclear, AI
Mechanical Engineering,Energy Storage and Distribution Solid Oxide Fuel Cell SmartState Center Solid Oxide Fuel Cells; Batteries; Membranes; Modeling Huang, Kevin mechanical engineering
Aerospace Engineering,Mechanical Engineering Unmanned Systems & Robotics Lab (USRL) Drones; Robotics; Unmanned systems; Autonomous navigation; Perception and control; Aerial robots; Ground robots; Marine robots; Remote inspection Vitzilaios, Nikolaos aerospace, mechanical
Mechanical Engineering,Nuclear Engineering,Nuclear Energy,Civil and Environmental Engineering,Aerospace Engineering,Advanced Manufacturing Visualized Structural Health Monitoring Laboratory Quantitative nondestructive evaluation; Structural health monitoring; Non-contact guided ultrasonic waves; Remote sensing; Laser technology Yu, Lingyu aerospace, civil, mechanical, nuclear


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