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Molinaroli College of Engineering and Computing

Faculty and Staff

Chen Li

Title: Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Department: Mechanical Engineering
Molinaroli College of Engineering and Computing
Website: Micro/nanoscale Transport Lab
Phone: 803-777-7155
Fax: 803-777-0106
Office: 541 Main Street 
Room 340 
Columbia, SC 29208
Resources: Curriculum Vitae [pdf]
Headshot of Chen Li


Dr. Li's research interest are micro/nano-scale two-phase heat and flow physics, prediction, control and modeling. Aim at basic research in developing and verifying theories for two-phase transport behaviors and the application of these theories towards controlling two-phase heat and flows at micro/nano-scale.


  • Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 2006
  • M.S., Mechanical Engineering, University of Nevada, Reno, 2003
  • B.S., Thermal Power Engineering, Chongqing University, China, 1997

Selected Publications

  • Fanghao Yang, Xianming Dai, Chih-Jung Kuo, Yoav Peles, Jamil Khan, and Chen Li, "Enhanced Flow Boiling in Microchannels by Self-sustained High Frequency Two-phase Oscillations," International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, Vol. 58, pp. 402-412, 2013. (IF = 2.41)
  • Fanghao Yang, Xianmign Dai, Yoav Peles, Ping Cheng, and Chen Li, "Can transitional two-phase flow patterns be reduced into a single one?" Applied Physics Letters, in revision, 2013. (IF = 3.85)
  • Xianming Dai, Xinyu Huang, Fanghao Yang, Xiaodong Li, Joshua Sightler, Yingchao Yang and Chen Li, "Carbon Nanotube Enhanced Hydrophobic-hydrophilic Composite Interfaces," Applied Physics Letters, 102, 161605, 2013.
  • Xianming Dai, Fanghao Yang, Yung-Cheng Lee, Ronggui Yang, and Chen Li, "Micromembrane Enhanced Capillary Evaporation," International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, In revision, 2013. (IF = 2.41)
  • Fanghao Yang, Xianmign Dai and Chen Li, "High Frequency Microbubble-switched Oscillations Modulated by Microfluidic Transistors," Applied Physics Letters, 101, 073509, 2012. (IF = 3.85)
  • C. Oshman, B. Shi, Chen Li, R. G. Yang, Y. C. Lee, G. P. Peterson and V.M. Bright, "The development of polymer-based flat heat pipes (PFHP)", IEEE/ASME Journal of MEMS, Vol. 20 (2), pp. 4. 2011. (IF = 2.15)
  • Chen Li, Z. Wang, P.-I. Wang, Y. Peles, G. P. Peterson and N. Koratkar, "Nanostructured Copper Interfaces for Enhanced Boiling," SMALL, Vol. 4, No. 8, pp. 1084-1088, 2008. Featured by Nature News (04 July 2008), DOI: 10.1038/news.2008.935. (IF = 8.35)

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