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Molinaroli College of Engineering and Computing

Chemical Engineering

Our Labs and Groups

The Chemical Engineering Department at USC actively pursues research in energy, advanced materials, manufacturing, environmental solutions, medicine and more. Our faculty are addressing national and international challenges and solving problems that directly impact consumers, industry and government. Explore our active research labs, groups, centers and institutes below to learn more.

Mechanical Engineering,Integrated Information Technology,Biomedical Engineering,Chemical Engineering Acute Stress Center Acute Stress; Credibility Assessment; Physician Burnout; GC-MS; HPLC; Multispectral Imaging; EEG Biomonitoring; NLP; ML & AI; Decision Support Systems Nicholas Boltin Acute Stress; Credibility Assessment; Physician Burnout; GC-MS; HPLC; Multispectral Imaging; EEG Biomonitoring; NLP; ML & AI; Decision Support Systems
Transforming Health Care,Biomedical Engineering,Chemical Engineering Biosensing and Biomarker Research Laboratory Biosensors; Biomarkers; Nanotechnology; Personalized Diagnostics; Sequencing Liu, Chang biomedical engineering, chemical engineering
Chemical Engineering Catalysis for Renewable Fuels SmartState Center Heterogeneous catalyst synthesis; Biomass conversion; Catalyst characterization; Catalyst evaluation Regalbuto, John strong electrostatic adsorption, electroless deposition, x-ray diffraction, electron microscopy, chemical engineering
Chemical Engineering Center for Electrochemical Engineering Corrosion and protection; Advanced batteries; Electric vehicles; Electroplating; Stable alloys; Hydrogen embrittlement; Fuel cells Popov, Branko electrolyzers, capacitors, performance models, electrochemistry, chemical engineering
Chemical Engineering Center for Rational Catalyst Synthesis (CERCAS) Catalysis; Metal deposition; Thermodynamics; Kinetics; Solid-solid bonding; Precision site synthesis Regalbuto, John chemical engineering
Chemical Engineering Heyden Lab Computational catalysis; Multiscale modeling; Data science; Solid-liquid interfaces Heyden, Andreas chemical engineering
Chemical Engineering,Mechanical Engineering,Energy Storage and Distribution Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Center Hydrogen; Fuel cells; Electrolysis cells; Batteries; Electrochemical modeling; Electrochemical characterization; Transport phenomena; Renewable energy Shimpalee, Sirivatch Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Electrochemistry, Multiscale Modeling
Energy Storage and Distribution,Chemical Engineering Mustain Laboratory for Electrocatalysts and Fuels Electrochemistry, batteries, fuel cells, fuels, catalysts, electrochemical engineering Mustain, William chemical engineering
Chemical Engineering,Biomedical Engineering Protein Aggregation and Neuroinflammation Laboratory Disease detection; Amyloid; Alzheimer’s disease; Drug development; Neurodegeneration; Neuroinflammation; Protein aggregation Moss, Melissa biomedical, beta
Chemical Engineering Strategic Approaches to the Generation of Electricity (SAGE) Catalysis; Machine learning; Artificial intelligence; Combinatorial catalysis; CO2 utilization; Biomass torrefaction; NH3 synthesis and decomposition; Energy; High-throughput screening; Waste plastic utilization Lauterbach, Jochen Spectroscopy, electron microscopy, nanomaterials synthesis, biomass utilization, spectral imaging, chemical engineering
Biomedical Engineering,Chemical Engineering Uline Research Group Biophysics; Soft matter; Biomaterials; Statistical mechanics; Thermodynamics; Nucleation Uline, Mark

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