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Molinaroli College of Engineering and Computing

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Peer Mentorship

As a first-year student, having a peer mentor can help you adjust and transition to the university environment and to succeed in your introductory engineering and computing studies.

About the Peer Mentorship Program

Our CEC Peer Mentorship Program matches first year students majoring in engineering or computing with experienced students, setting them up with a support network from day one!

Why participate in peer mentorship?

The new student mentee, whether freshman or transfer, gets advice, support, and knowledge from their mentor, and they can see the life of a current student first-hand. Mentors provide them with advice on instructors, student organizations and professional goals, and can help expand their present and future professional network.

Who are peer mentors?

We recruit undergraduate students, graduate students, and even alumni who have demonstrated a desire to support the success of first-year students for the College of Engineering and Computing.

How does the program work?

New students interested a group mentoring experience are encouraged to join the CEC Connections Network via the GroupMe messaging application. This platform offers conversations with peers, advice from experienced students, reminders about important dates, and information about community events.

First-year students who join the formal CEC Peer Mentorship Program can expect a one-on-one semester-long experience. Matched mentors and mentees set their own goals and then take the necessary steps together to achieve their desired outcomes.

Becoming a Mentor

Students who are approved to serve as CEC Peer Mentors will gain leadership experience essential to their success in both industry and academia.

  • Give back by sharing your successes, failures, passions and experiences with first-year students who need to hear them
  • Add practical leadership experience to your resume
  • Expand your present and future network
  • Use this as an opportunity for service and recruitment for your student organization or professional society
  • Earn hours toward Graduation with Leadership Distinction
  • You must have at least one year of undergraduate engineering or computing experience
  • You must be available to mentor at least one student for one semester
  • Check-in with your Mentee at least once every two weeks throughout the semester to provide encouragement, set measurable goals, or navigate campus resources
  • Attend mentorship events as your availability allows 

Becoming a Mentee

First-year students who partner with a CEC Peer Mentor will have the opportunity to learn about campus resources and building connections within the CEC community.

  • See the life of a current student first-hand.
  • Use what you learn to choose instructors, student organizations and even your professional goals.
  • Expand your present and future network.
  • Use your mentor as a reference.
  • Return to the program as a mentor during or after your second year!
  • You must be a first-year CEC student.
  • Attend mentorship events as your availability allows
  • Check-in with your Mentor at least once every two weeks throughout the semester


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