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College of Engineering and Computing

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Biomedical Engineering

Our Research

Faculty within the Biomedical Engineering Program at the University of South Carolina are involved in research that addresses the rapidly-growing need for healthcare, including the advancement of technology to develop innovative interventions, medical devices and pharmaceuticals. Our ongoing research activity includes tissue engineering, biomaterials development, computational modeling, biomolecular engineering and biomechanical engineering, as well as many other areas aligned with national and international research thrusts in this ever-changing discipline.


Research Strengths

microscopic view of tissue

Tissue Engineering

Our faculty involved in tissue engineering investigate areas such as bone, cartilage and cardiovascular regeneration, as well as regulation of cellular responses.

microspopic view of a biomaterial

Biomaterials and Drug Delivery

Our faculty involved in biomaterials research investigate areas such as vascular grafting and delivery of bioactive agents.

heatmap of biomedical design


Our faculty involved in biomechanics are working to understand mechanical failure mechanisms of arterial tissues for a variety of cardiovascular diseases.

microscopic view of cells

Biomolecular Engineering and Drug Development

Our faculty involved in biomolecular engineering and drug development investigate therapeutic approaches to Alzheimer's and cardiovascular disease, as well as obesity and allergenic triggers.

example of process modelling chart

Computational Biology and Computational Medicine

Our faculty focused on computational modeling of biomedical systems investigate areas such as prediction analytics, protein structure analysis, process modeling and lipid biophysics.

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Bioinstrumentation and Bioimaging

Our faculty are developing novel systems and approaches involved in clinical applications of nanomedicine, bioelectronics, and biosensors.



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