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Molinaroli College of Engineering and Computing

Chemical Engineering

Our People

We develop high quality chemical engineers by continuously improving our undergraduate and graduate programs. We conduct world class research and innovative teaching, provide an environment for professional development, and are an effective resource for industry, government and academia.

Our Faculty

Research Professor Oleg Alexeev

Oleg S. Alexeev

A research professor, his research interests include surface chemistry and catalysis, reaction kinetics, nanocatalysts, and supported metal clusters.

Research Professor Salai Ammal

Salai C. Ammal

A research professor, her research interests include heterogeneous catalysis and electrocatalysis.

Headshot of professor Theodore Besmann

Theodore M. Besmann

Dr. Besmann is a Professor of Mechanical Engineering. His research interests are related to thermochemical experiment and modeling for nuclear fuel development and in-reactor behavior, and development of advanced nuclear waste forms.

headshot of Donna Chen

Donna Chen

Donna Chen is an adjunct faculty member in the Chemical Engineering Department and a professor of chemistry and biochemistry in the College of Arts and Sciences.

Paul Coman

Paul T. Coman

Research Professor Armin Ebner

Armin D. Ebner

A research professor, his research interests include electro-dialysis, hydrogen production, and hydrogen storage.

Dr. Brenda Garcia-Diaz

Brenda Garcia-Diaz

Brenda Garcia-Diaz is an adjunct professor from Savannah River National Laboratory.

Headshot of Edward Gatzke

Edward P. Gatzke

Dr. Gatzke's research interests are in the area of process modeling, control, and optimization. Application areas of interest include particulate processing, bio-processes, and large scale systems.

Headshot of Professor R. Michael Gower

R. Michael Gower

Dr. Gower's research focuses on understanding the immune system in order to develop bio-instructive materials that stimulate specific immune responses.


Chad Hardaway

As a patent attorney and chemical engineer, Chad brings a broad skill set to intellectual property protection and management.

Professor Andreas Heyden

Andreas Heyden

Research interests include nanomaterials, catalysis, computational chemistry, and multiscale modeling.

Headshot of Kevin Huang

Kevin Huang

Dr. Huang's research interests include solid oxide electrochemical cells, storage batteries, gas separation membranes, solid state defect chemistry and electrochemistry.

Esmaiel Jabbari

Esmaiel Jabbari

Dr. Jabbari's research draws upon chemistry, biology, macromolecular science and exploits biomimetic strategies to engineer cellular constructs for regeneration of skeletal tissues. His research interests include tissue engineering, biomimetic materials, bioinspired nanocomposites, and peptide-mediated drug delivery.

headshot of Dr. Jabbarzadeh

Ehsan Jabbarzadeh

Dr. Jabbarzadeh's lab is interested in the interdisciplinary areas of biomaterials, stem cells and nano/micro-electromechanical systems with applications in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. His research activities focus on understanding the principles by which microenvironmental signals regulate cellular responses.

headshot of Goli Jalilvand

Golareh Jalilvand

Dr. Golareh Jalilvand is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering. Her research is in the field of structural materials for energy storage, and microfabrication of batteries.

Professor Jochen Lauterbach

Jochen Lauterbach

A CoEE Endowed Chair of the Strategic Approaches to the Generation of Electricity, his research interests include catalysis, storage and reduction technology, and hydrogen storage.

Dr. Woo-Kum Lee

Woo-Kum Lee

Woo-Kum Lee is an adjunct professor of chemical engineering and a professor and Vice President of Research at Woosuk University, Jeonju, Korea.

Headshot of Professor Chang Liu

Chang Liu

Dr. Liu’s research group is interested in biosensor development and biomarker discovery using nanomaterials, with a focus on their clinical applications on in vitro diagnostics, point-of-care tests, and liquid biopsy for cancer and infectious diseases.

Headshot of Dr. Mike Matthews

Michael A. Matthews

Dr. Matthews is the Senior Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Programs and a professor of chemical and biomedical engineering. He conducts research in the broad field of thermodynamics, and his research interests include supercritical fluids, ionic liquids, green chemical engineering, and carbon dioxide technology for sterilization, disinfection, modification of tissue scaffolds, and deactivation of allergenic proteins and asthma triggers.

Dr. Benjamin Meekins

Benjamin H. Meekins

A research professor, his research interests include photovoltaics, solar fuel conversion (water splitting and carbon dioxide remediation), and catalysis related to both.

Research Professor Monnier

John R. Monnier

Research interests include heterogeneous catalysis, bimetallic catalyst synthesis, and reaction kinetics.

Headshot of Professor Melissa A. Moss

Melissa Ann Moss

Dr. Moss is the Chair of the Department of Chemical Engineering at the University of South Carolina. Her research focuses on understanding the role of amyloid-β protein (Aβ) aggregation in Alzheimer’s disease and inhibiting Aβ aggregation as a therapeutic approach to this widespread and devastating illness.

Professor William Mustain

William E Mustain

Research interests include: Electrochemistry, catalysis, materials design, surface chemistry, energy conversion and storage, and electrochemical synthesis.

Dr. Marjorie Nicholson

Marjorie Nicholson

Marjorie Nicholson is an instructor of chemical engineering that works with James A. Ritter's group.

headshot of Ivelisse Ortiz-Hernandez

Ivelisse Ortiz-Hernandez

Dr. Ortiz-Hernandez is an instructor of chemical engineering. Her background involves the study of heterogeneous catalytic systems under reaction conditions.

Zhenmeng Peng

Zhenmeng Peng

Dr. Peng is a professor of Chemical Engineering. His research interests include electrochemical hydrogen generation/storage/utilization, new approaches for electrical energy storage, C1 chemicals conversion, electrochemical engineering for desalination and separation applications.

Professor Branko Popov

Branko N. Popov

A Carolina Distinguished Professor and author of Corrosion Engineering, his research interests include electrochemical power sources, industrial metal finishing, and corrosion.

Headshot of Professor John Regalbuto

John R. Regalbuto

A CoEE Endowed Chair in Renewable Fuels, his research interests include catalysis preparation and characterization, adsorption theory, and reaction kinetics.

Headshot of Professor Ritter

James A. Ritter

A L.M. Weisiger Professor of Engineering, Carolina Distinguished Professor, his research interests include hydrogen storage systems, targeted drug delivery, gas separation and purification.

Sanaz Sadati

Monirosadat (Sanaz) Sadati

Research includes the structure, dynamics, and self-assembly of soft materials, with an emphasis on anisotropic components capable of leading to new, tunable macroscopic properties.

Headshot of Professor Shimpalee

Sirivatch Shimpalee

Research interests include electrochemical engineering, fluid flow, heat and mass transfer, and computational fluid dynamics.

Professor Thomas Stanford

Thomas G. Stanford

A Professor Emeritus, his research interests include chemical process systems and advanced professional engineering education.

Headshot of Nadar Taheri Qazvini

Nader Taheri Qazvini

Dr. Taheri Qazvinis' research interests include bio-nano hybrid and biomimetic materials, charge-driven self-assembly, structure-dynamics relations in polymer networks, hydrogels, soft glassy materials and living cells, microfabrication and 3D bioprinting and tissue engineering, and collective cell migration

Mark Uline

Mark J. Uline

Dr. Uline is the Program Director of the Biomedical Engineering Program at UofSC. His research group is working toward the fundamental understanding of how the complex interactions at interfaces couple together to give the rich phenomena observed in various chemical and biological systems.

headshot of Thomas Vogt

Thomas Vogt

Thomas Vogt is an adjunct faculty member in the Chemical Engineering Department and a professor of chemistry and biochemistry in the College of Arts and Sciences.

Tao Wei headshot

Tao Wei

Dr. Tao Wei's lab focuses on functional materials and biotechnologies using the combination of multiscale simulations, experiments and machine learning.

headshot of Ralph White

Ralph E. White

A Westinghouse Distinguished Scientist, his research interests include fuel cells, batteries, electrodeposition, corrosion, and numerical methods.

Headshot of Professor Christopher Williams

Christopher Williams

The Undergraduate Director of Chemical Engineering. Research interests include heterogeneous catalysis, surface science, catalyst design, and in-situ vibrational spectroscopy.


Emeritus Faculty

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