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When a unit joins a social media platform, the reach of the University of South Carolina grows. Step one is to effectively name your page, so your users can find you.

Choosing Account Names

Proceed with caution when choosing social media page names. Some platforms (such as YouTube) do not allow name editing after an account has been created. Whenever possible, “University of South Carolina” or “UofSC” should be listed prior to the college, department or program to reinforce institutional branding and consistency. This helps to build awareness of all units, helps users to find relevant University of South Carolina units in search results and provides a continuity that builds credibility and earns the trust of users.

Note: Names are most accessible when the beginning of each word is capitalized. For example, "UofSCAccessibility" is better than "uofscaccessibility".


Page Name: UofSC (insert unit name)
For example: UofSCHousing
Page URL:



Account Handle: UofSC (insert name before or after)
For example: UofSCHousing



Account Name: UofSC (insert name before or after)
For example: UofSCstudents, UofSClaw or VisitUofSC



Account Name: University of South Carolina (insert name)
For example: University of South Carolina Communications


Changing Account Names

If you're thinking about changing the name of your page, here are some considerations you need to weigh carefully. Some social platforms do not allow name editing or only allow one name change on your account. If you change an account name, it can affect your URL, break any links leading to your page and cause confusion for your users.

If you're still considering making a name change to an existing account, please contact us for guidance before making any changes. 

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