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Communications and Marketing


Your avatar, or profile image, is your visual calling card. We create avatars for university-affiliated accounts so searchers can see that you're part of the University of South Carolina.

Your image is one of the most important aspects of your platform profile. It's how a searcher can recognize (1) that you're part of the University of South Carolina and (2) that you're you. Because they're so important to our university and our affiliated accounts, the Division of Communications and Marketing provides university-wide support for social media profile images.

What They Look Like

  • HRSM avatar
  • Giving avatar
  • Career Center avatar
  • Russell House avatar

To request an official avatar, contact the Division of Communications and Marketing.

 Using Avatars

Avatar best practice.

Don't Change

Because your profile image is such an important part of your unit's online ID, it's important that it remains consistent. That's why we recommend that your profile image should rarely (if ever) change.

Avatar pro tip.

Retweet Me, Bro

The university's official social accounts are significantly more likely to amplify unit messaging if the account has transitioned to the communications-approved avatar.


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