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Communications and Public Affairs


Detail shots can help emphasize the feeling of a composition, from candid and casual to tightly controlled and art-directed. They can be in-the-moment scenes or shot in a studio. They can be used to showcase just about anything, from research and art projects to the beauty of our campus.

Detail photos are often closely cropped, with a short depth of field (focused object in foreground, blurry background), but they can also be wide-angle shots without a particular point of focus. With too many detail shots, a composition can become busy and unfocused, so use them primarily as accent or secondary images.


Photography Examples

  • the spurs up portion of the Cocky statue
  • close-up of circuit board
  • colorful canoe paddles
  • a student and her robot invention
  • spire of a campus landmark
  • movie reel
  • close-up of sound engineering board
  • daffodils on campus
  • french horns in a line
  • student in a life vest carrying a red kayak
  • country flags on display at Moore School
  • student holding a measuring instrument



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