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Communications and Marketing

Outdoor Digital Signage Request

There are three display boards available for promotional use. All submissions must adhere to the following specifications and be submitted via the form below for review. 

Guidelines for the Greene Street Display Boards

Green Street display board example
Follow this template to ensure an acceptable digital board.

Art Submission Guidelines and Art Specifications
  • Pixel size: 1080w x 1920h
  • Minimum font size: 150 pt 
  • Word limit: 10 words. May also include a short URL.
  • Format: JPEG. No other file types will be accepted.
  • High contrast is required to be legible from a distance.

Logo Specifications
  • The box with the tree and gates should be no smaller than 55 pixels high. Any smaller and the logo becomes illegible and may result in your flyer not being displayed.
Additional Requirements
  • All artwork must adhere to university branding guidelines.
  • All artwork must be submitted from a university administrative unit, office, college or school.
  • Students wishing to submit content should coordinate with a university office.

Greene Street digital display signs must fit one of the following critical needs for all campus communities:

  • Item of significant shared interest to all community members.
  • Communicate a university-wide strategic initiative from executive leadership.

All signs will be reviewed by the Communications and Marketing staff to ensure compliance with the above standards. No artwork will be adapted to fit the board. Please note that content is programmed at the discretion of Communications and Marketing.

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