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Communications and Public Affairs


Your bio tells people what they need to know about you. A complete bio should provide information like your unit's purpose down to where they can find you on campus.

Beyond your avatar and account name, your account bio is your best chance to communicate who you are and what you stand for to those who visit your profile. Think carefully about the information you'd like to include in your bio about both your unit and the university. Don't dump everything including the kitchen sink in there. Curate your bio, and write it in a way that's easy for your viewer to digest. No one likes a wall of words.

On Facebook

Your Facebook bio lives on the "About" page. During account setup, Facebook asks you to include specific information such as your location, contact information and phone number. The page can also include additional information such as your story, milestones, mission and awards.

  • HRSM Bio



What's good here? This unit provides lots of detail in an easily digestible way. They make it easy for someone to get in touch with them but also provide context about what makes them different or outstanding when compared to peer schools.


On Twitter

You have to get the most out of every character in your Twitter bio. You'll need to be concise when describing yourself, but even with character limitations you can still make your bio descriptive and interesting. 

  • HRSM Bio



What's good here? These bios all include a link to the university's official Twitter account to closely link the unit to the university. The descriptions also clue viewers in on what kind of content they can expect from the account and link to their website.


On Instagram

Your Instagram bio is a little Twitterish in that you'll have to be brief when describing yourself. Let viewers know what they can expect to see in your feed, and share any hashtags to spark usage of them by your followers.

  • HRSM Bio



What's good here? Both of these profile descriptions set expectations about the type of content that will appear. Both units also include a unit-level hashtag and link to their website.

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