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Communications and Public Affairs


The stamp element is an interesting way to display a short fact, honor or award in a graphic manner.


    You have access to a set of pre-built graphic "stamps" styled after the imprint left behind by an inked rubber stamp. The format is ideally suited to convey information graphically, which makes it ideal for highlighting a notable honor or award.

    Stamps are secondary design elements; they are not logos nor are they intended to be used as an alternate logo or primary design element. Stamps should not contain web addresses, phone numbers or other calls to action. 

    Used For

    • an accent, watermark or layering graphic that can bleed off the page or layer on top of other elements
  • stamp example
pro tip

Tilting Stamps

Accent your layout by tilting the stamp element. We recommend a tilt of +20 degrees or -20 degrees depending on where and how the stamp is positioned on your design.


Academic and Research Excellence – Brand Pillar 1


Student Experience and Gamecock Spirit  Brand Pillar 2


Economic and Social Impact Brand Pillar 3


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