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College of Pharmacy

Subject-Matter Experts

Our faculty experts are available to provide context and commentary on a variety of topics. For interviews, additional information or assistance, please contact Margaret Gregory.

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Category Name Department Area(s) of Study Keywords
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Cancer Research Banister, Carolyn DDBS Cervical Cancer, Diagnostic Genomics Laboratory dgl
Cancer Research Bennett, Charles CPOS Oncology, Medication Safety charlie
Cancer Research Broude, Eugenia DDBS Breast Cancer, Ovarian Cancer   
Cancer Research Buckhaults, Philip DDBS Colorectal Cancer, Cancer Genetics  phil
Cancer Research Fang, Jing DDBS Leukemia, Blood Disorders   
Cancer Research Hofseth, Lorne DDBS Colorectal Cancer, Cancer Prevention  
Cancer Research Kiaris, Hippokratis DDBS Breast Cancer  
Cancer Research Mathew, Sajish DDBS Cancer Prevention matthew
Cancer Research McInnes, Campbell DDBS Melanoma, Computer-Assisted Drug Discovery   
Cancer Research Pittman, Doug DDBS DNA Repair  
Cancer Research Roninson, Igor DDBS Prostate Cancer, Drug Development Processes  
Cancer Research Shtutman, Michael DDBS Cancer Genetics misha
Cancer Research Tran, Megan CPOS Oncology  
Cancer Research Wyatt, Michael DDBS Chemotherapy, DNA Repair  
Cancer Research Xu, Peisheng DDBS Breast Cancer, Nanoparticle Systems  
Neuroscience Research Cutler, Stephen DDBS Natural Products, Addiction opioids, cannabis
Neuroscience Research Francis, Chase DDBS Mood Disorders, Depression, Novel Treatments  
Neuroscience Research Leon, Francisco DDBS Natural Products, Pain, Depression juan
Neuroscience Research Li, Yangmei  DDBS Opioids pain
Neuroscience Research Mathew, Sajish DDBS Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s matthew
Neuroscience Research Porcu, Alessandra DDBS Circadian Rhythms, Adolescent Brain Development, Psychiatric Disorders  
Neuroscience Research Roninson, Igor DDBS Targeted Therapeutics, Novel Treatments  
Neuroscience Research Shtutman, Michael DDBS Artificial Intelligence, Drug Repurposing Misha, AI
Neuroscience Research Xu, Peisheng  DDBS Alzheimer’s, Nanoparticles, Drug Delivery brain
Neuroscience Research Zhu, Jun  DDBS Drug Addiction, HIV/AIDS comorbidity
Clinical Pharmacy Almgren, Michaela CPOS Sterile Compounding, Regulatory Affairs, Biopharmaceutics, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, FDA industry
Clinical Pharmacy Asbill, Caroline CPOS Sterile Compounding  
Clinical Pharmacy Ballou, Jordan CPOS Community Pharmacy, Community Residency Training  
Clinical Pharmacy Barfield, Reagan CPOS Chronic Disease Management, Family Medicine, Ambulatory Care, Rural Health Kiger
Clinical Pharmacy Blake, Betsy CPOS Interprofessional Education, Primary Care, Ambulatory Care IPE
Clinical Pharmacy Bookstaver, Brandon CPOS Infectious Diseases, Residency and Fellowship Training ID, hospital, antibiotic
Outcomes Sciences Cai, Chao CPOS Pharmaceutical Outcomes, Statistics   
Clinical Pharmacy Caulder, Celeste CPOS Infectious Diseases, Residency Training ID
Clinical Pharmacy Clements, Jennifer CPOS Family Medicine, Ambulatory Care  
Clinical Pharmacy Cox, Christina CPOS Pediatric Pharmacy child, children
Outcomes Sciences Cummings, Tammy CPOS Pharmacoepidemiology, Statistics, Drug Repurposing, Data Science  
Clinical Pharmacy Fabel, Patti CPOS Community Pharmacy, Medication Therapy, Entrepreneurship, Community Residency Training business
Outcomes Sciences Hastings, Tessa CPOS Implementation Science, Vaccination Access, Pharmaceutical Outcomes Immunization, vaccine, rural
Clinical Pharmacy Holladay, John CPOS Community Pharmacy, Business Ownership, Pharmaceutics  
Clinical Pharmacy Love, Bryan CPOS Pharmacotherapy, IBD, Hepatitis, Cirrhosis, Gastrointestinal, Pharmacoepidemiology  
Outcomes Sciences Lu, Kevin CPOS Pharmacoeconomics, Comparative Effectiveness, Pharmacoepidemiology economics, epidemics
Outcomes Sciences Magagnoli, Joe CPOS Pharmacoepidemiology, Statistics, Drug Repurposing, Data Science epidemics
Clinical Pharmacy McGee, Karen CPOS Geriatric Pharmacotherapy elderly
Clinical Pharmacy Michels, Jill CPOS Poison Control, Toxicology PPC, palmetto poison center
Clinical Pharmacy Quarles Moore, Kathy CPOS Compounding, Community Pharmacy  
Clinical Pharmacy Phillips, Cynthia CPOS Ambulatory Care, Primary Care  
Outcomes Sciences Reeder, Gene CPOS Pharmacoeconomics, Pharmaceutical Outcomes economics
Outcomes Sciences Sutton, Scott CPOS Pharmacoepidemiology, Statistics, Drug Repurposing, Data Science  
Outcomes Sciences Teng, Chengwen CPOS Comparative Effectiveness, Pharmacoepidemiology, Pharmaceutical Outcomes epidemics
Outcomes Sciences Yunusa, Ismaeel CPOS Pharmacoeconomics,  Comparative Effectiveness, Pharmacoepidemiology economics, epidemics
Pharmacy Education Anderson, James CPOS Continuing Education CE
Pharmacy Education Baker, Jennifer CPOS Experiential Education, Pharmacy Law Rotation, IPPE, APPE
Pharmacy Education Dunn, Brie CPOS Educational Assessment, Critical Care Outcomes
Pharmacy Education Grant, Amy CPOS Student Affairs, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion DEI, Administration
Pharmacy Education Maxwell, Whitney CPOS Experiential Education, Ambulatory Care Rotation, IPPE, APPE
Pharmacy Education Sease, Julie CPOS Academic Affairs, Curriculum, Primary Care Administration

Media Inquiries

Margaret Gregory, Public Information / Communications

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