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Our graduates have gone on to pursue a wide variety of opportunities after earning a pharmacy degree at UofSC. Here they share some of those unique stories and experiences. Meet our Gamecock Pharmacy alumni.

Christine Bonarrigo

Q&A with Christine E. Bonarrigo ('20)

Christine E. Bonarrigo's (2020 Pharm.D.) life experiences continue to drive her to help others. She currently works as a pharmacist for S.C. Department of Mental Health, among a variety of other roles.  She reminds us to take the time to seek out genuine connection - and that a small act of kindness can go a very long way.

Chelsea Drennan

Q&A with Chelsea Drennen ('19)

Gamecock athletics alumna Chelsea Drennen (2019 Pharm.D.) turned an inspiring fourth-year rotation experience into a postgraduate residency and then full-time pharmacist position at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. Drennen recognizes the influence and impact of mentors as a common thread throughout her journey.

Jim Long

Q&A with James Long ('70)

If UofSC alumnus James "Jim" Long (1970 B.S. pharmacy) has learned anything from his decades of experience in pharmacy, it's to always keep looking forward. Jim celebrated his retirement in 2022, after a 30+ year tenure at Fort Jackson followed by 8 years of teaching in the College of Pharmacy.

Chris Bland

Q&A with Christopher M. Bland ('00)

Alumnus Christopher M. Bland (2000 Pharm.D.) measures his success by the meaningful relationships formed with colleagues and students throughout his career. After 15 years working in clinical pharmacy, he transitioned to his current role as a clinical professor at the University of Georgia. 

Nirmesh Shah

Q&A with Nirmesh Shah ('05)

Alumnus Nirmesh Shah (2005 Pharm.D.) recognizes that in the broad field of pharmacy, some people are just made for certain roles. He credits University of South Carolina faculty with helping him uncover his perfect career path in the pharmaceutical industry.

Lewis McKelvey

Q&A with Lewis McKelvey ('84)

Alumnus Lewis McKelvey (1984 B.S. pharmacy, 2000 Pharm.D.) is always on the move. From driving his motorcycle across the country to his work as president of McKelvey - Drummond Pharmacy Consultants, he always has something in the works. His advice to future pharmacists: "Get all the experiences you can."

Jonathan McFall

Q&A with Jonathan McFall ('12)

Alumnus Jonathan R. McFall (2012 Pharm.D.) sees his work as a chance to serve a higher purpose, which he does through both his civilian role on Fort Jackson and his service in the Army Reserves. When the first wave of COVID-19 hit last year, he was mobilized to help bolster the fight.

Eddie Seijo

Q&A with Eduardo Seijo ('11)

UofSC alumnus Eduardo “Eddie” Seijo (2011 Pharm.D.) may have stumbled into pharmacy by accident, but he soon found his calling – and his family – within the walls of our college. Eddie serves the Charlotte Metro area as the Acute Care Pharmacy Operations Director for Atrium Health. 

Montgomery Green

Q&A with Montgomery Williams Green ('09)

Carolina will always be 'home' for alumna Montgomery Williams Green (2009 Pharm.D.), a native of Sumter. Currently an associate professor at Belmont University and pharmacy chair of a nationally-recognized Antimicrobial Stewardship Program in Tennessee, she credits the top-tier pharmacy education she received at UofSC with helping her achieve it all.

Ken and Susan Couch

Q&A with Ken Couch ('69)

UofSC alumnus Ken Couch (1969 B.S. pharmacy) began his pharmacy career as a part-time drug clerk at just 15 years old. By the time he retired in 2016, he was at the helm of a company bringing in $2.4 billion a year delivering technology and services to pharmacies across the country.

Woodrow Bell

Q&A with Woodrow A. Bell ('87)

As far back as he can remember, Columbia native Woodrow Bell (1987 B.S. pharmacy, 1992 M.D.) dreamed of being a doctor. As an alumnus of both the UofSC College of Pharmacy and School of Medicine, he is living out his childhood dream while providing accessible, compassionate care to underserved populations in the state.

Melanie Lobel

Q&A with Melanie Lobel ('99)

Following in the career footsteps of her great grandfather, UofSC alumna Melanie Lobel graduated with a bachelor's degree in pharmacy in 1989 and Pharm.D. in 1999. She later combined her pharmacy expertise with an M.D. from the Medical University of South Carolina. Lobel works at the intersection of these disciplines, serving as a consultant psychiatrist for Lexington Medical Center. 

Michael Bedenbaugh

Q&A with Michael Bedenbaugh ('12)

University of South Carolina alumnus Michael Bedenbaugh (2012 Pharm.D., MBA) saw his career come full circle when he became Director of Pharmacy Services Intramed Plus, the same place he had worked as an intern during pharmacy school. Looking back, he sees that each job along the way offered a valuable learning experience.

Christi Epps

Q&A with Christi Epps ('97)

University of South Carolina alumna Christi Epps' (1997 Pharm.D.) trailblazing spirit comes from her mother, who was one of the first women to graduate from the UofSC College of Pharmacy. She's continuing that legacy and inspiring future generations as a leader in the business of pharmacy. 

Krishnan Brown and family

Q&A with Krishnan Larkin Brown ('17)

University of South Carolina alumna Krishnan Larkin Brown (2017 Pharm.D.) was completing a master’s degree when pharmacy school caught her eye. With two young children, strong motivation and a little bit of grace, she has navigated her way to a successful career in clinical pharmacy.

Caitlin Mardis and son

Q&A with Caitlin Musgrave Mardis ('11)

University of South Carolina alumna Caitlin Musgrave Mardis (2011 Pharm.D.) will tell you that from a young age, she's had a passion for teaching. Returning to her alma mater allowed her to lean into this passion, as both the Director of Continuing Education and  a faculty member who tries to bring a little "magic" to her classroom.

Everett McAllister

Q&A with Everett B. McAllister ('84)

University of South Carolina alumnus and retired U.S. Air Force Colonel Everett B. McAllister's (1984 B.S. pharmacy) illustrious career was built on a foundation of integrity, service and excellence – but it was an even deeper calling which directed his career path.

Julia Mims

Q&A with Julia G. Mims (’74, ’96)

For University of South Carolina alumna Julia G. Mims (1974 B.S. pharmacy, 1996 Pharm.D.), education and perseverance were the keys to her dream career as a Clinical Pharmacy Specialist – though “volunteer” is a title she holds equally important on her life's resume.

Gene Reeder

Q&A with Gene Reeder (’73)

University of South Carolina alumnus Gene Reeder insists his "blood runneth garnet." With a bachelor's degree in pharmacy (1973), master's degree in pharmaceutical sciences (1977), and doctorate in business administration (1983) from UofSC, it's no surprise he returned to teach and conduct research at his beloved alma mater.

Pamela Quizon

Q&A with Pamela Quizon (’19)

University of South Carolina alumna Pamela Quizon (2019) graduated with a Ph.D. from the College of Pharmacy, Department of Drug Discovery & Biomedical Sciences. Her fluency in the biomedical sciences has proved invaluable while designing a unique career path for herself in biotechnology marketing.

Donna Walker

Q&A with Donna J. Walker (’79)

University of South Carolina alumna Donna J. Walker (1979 B.S., pharmacy, 1984 MBA) created and endowed the Walker Pharmacy Leadership Scholars Endowment Fund, launching a student leadership initiative that identifies, educates, and recognizes pharmacy student leaders at the UofSC College of Pharmacy.

Jordan Cooler

Q&A with Jordan Cooler (’16)

University of South Carolina alumna Jordan Cooler (2016 Pharm.D.) fulfills her passion for helping others by serving as a Clinical Assistant Professor in the College of Pharmacy and Psychiatric Pharmacist with UofSC Student Health Services. 

Cory Jenks

Q&A with Cory Jenks ('11)

University of South Carolina alumnus Cory Jenks (2011 Pharm.D.) works as an Ambulatory Care Clinical Pharmacy Specialist at the VA Hospital in Tucson, Arizona. His passion for improvisational comedy led him to another unique role in the field of healthcare.

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