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Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures


The Spanish Program at USC is the largest in South Carolina. It offers a wide variety of courses for undergraduate and graduate students. It has more than one hundred majors, 550 minors and 29 faculty members.

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Students coming to USC can enroll in any of its nationally renowned and well-accredited programs. It has a  Master of Arts in Teaching, and a M.A. and Ph.D. in literary and cultural studies.

In addition to these graduate programs, students can also earn an Undergraduate Teaching Certification which is recognized by the State Department of Education and allows them to be placed as a Spanish teacher in the public school system upon graduation.

Those pursuing a PhD in Spanish at the University of South Carolina work with our faculty who conduct research on varied themes in literary and cultural studies in Latin America and Spain. Graduate Assistantships are also awarded based upon merit, to support their research.

The Graduate faculty in Spanish are well recognized in their fields of specialization and have published extensively in literary and cultural studies, film and visual culture, linguistics, pedagogy, and other topics in Spain and Latin America.  They regularly collaborate with other programs such as LASP, Linguistics, Comparative Literature and Women’s and Gender’s studies, directing dissertations, teaching cross-listed courses and participating in study groups and regional, national and international conferences.

The Spanish Program at USC has also hosted several conferences and research lectures. Among the well-known invited speakers to these conferences and talks have been Roberto González Echevarría, Alberto Moreiras, Sibylle Fischer, Fernando Arenas, Gilvan Müller de Oliveira, and Cuban-American writer Edmundo Desnoes.

In 2012, the Spanish Program hosted "Cultural and Linguistic Intersections of the Transatlantic" and in 2015 its first biennial conference on Transatlantic Studies: Intersections of Memory and Violence in the Hispanic and Luso-Brazilian World during March 26, 27 & 28. Speakers Susana Draper from Princeton, and performance artist Daniel Brittany Chavez participated in the conference.

In addition to its strong emphasis on scholarship, its faculty and students have made a solid commitment to the community, establishing work links with non-profit organizations and supporting the Latino Community of South Carolina. In 2012, the Spanish & Portuguese program collaborated with Pragda to bring to Columbia a film festival called “Discovering New Cinema from Spain and Latin America”.

The Spanish Program also sponsors two summer study abroad programs, one in Spain (Summer I) and the other one in Latin America (Summer II). It also collaborates with such University programs as International Business, and encourages and facilitates semester-abroad experiences for all majors, minors and graduate students interested in perfecting their language skills and doing research abroad.


Spanish Program 
Department of Languages, Literatures, & Cultures
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Note: All Spanish courses at the intermediate level and beyond are taught in the target language, unless otherwise noted.

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