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Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures

Major in Comparative Literature

The Comparative Literature program offers a major and a minor. CPLT 270 (World Literature), CPLT 300 (Introduction to Comparative Literature), and the three survey classes CPLT 301, 302, and 303 form the core of both the major and the minor in different ways. These courses provide the student with exposure to a broad range of diverse literary traditions. Both the major and the minor ensure study in the student's chosen foreign language as well as in various literatures and literary relationships across the boundaries of language communities. The major also requires some study in a second foreign language.

Degree Requirements

Prerequisite (3 hours)

CPLT 270 Introduction to World Literatures (3 hours)

Corequisite (3 hours)

One 122-level course in a second foreign langage

Major Requirements (27 hours)

CPLT 300: Introduction to Comparative Literature (3 hours)

Two courses from CPLT 301, 302, or 303: Great Books of the Western World I and II and Great Books of the Eastern World (6 hours) (note: These courses are cross-listed with ENGL 390, 391, 392) (6 hours)

One elective course in CPLT at the 300-level or above (3 hours) (note: CPLT courses 380-386 are cross-listed with ENGL 380-386)

One 415 topics course in CPLT

Two 300-level or above foreign-language courses in literature (6 hours)

One 300-level or above course in the literature of a second foreign language (may be in translation) (3 hours)

CPLT 499 (thesis) (3 hours)

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